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Inada Robo Massage Chair

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Robo Massage Chair

The ROBO Chair is equipped with a 3-D roller mechanism that emulates the techniques of a professional masseuse. They rotate just like human wrists so they have the precision of an actual massage therapist.

The ROBO Chair has shiatsu optical sensors that scan your back, detecting your unique shiatsu points, before going into one of the pre-set programs. This means you receive a customized massage each time!

It has a voice-activated control system. So as you recline, your chair will respond to your voice. It is programmed to respond to an extensive set of commands, recline, sit up, intensity adjustments, programs, and turning features on and off. All the control without having to lift a finger!

The armrest mechanism is fully adjustable. The massage modalities are of a grip, scoop, and knead movement. They work from the upper arm to thoroughly ease the stress and tension right out your fingertips!

Inada Robo Massage Chair

Inada Robo Specs

  • Power Supply: AC 120V / 190W / 60Hz
  • Reclining Angle: 120 – 170 degree
  • Massage Range: Full 64cm (25.2″) Partial 15cm (5.9″)
  • Rollers: 4
  • Height Limit: Approx. 4′-10″ – 6′-5″
  • Weight: Approx 312 lbs
  • Open Dimensions: 34″W x 80″L x 33″H
  • Closed Dimensions: 34″W x 52″L x 45″H
  • Coverings: 100% Synthetic Leather

Inada Robo Features

Healthcare Programs

A massage professional works not only on the areas needing massage therapy, but also on the other areas directly connected to the target sites, effectively applying technique, order, and strength to the massage process. These professional techniques are incorporated into the Inada Healthcare Programs. ROBO Chair offers five pre-programmed, 15-minute massage sequences: Full body Relief, Stiff Shoulders, Lower Back Tension, Morning, and Nighttime. In addition to programmed massage, ROBO Chair’s manual programs allow you to attain precise adjustments of the massage.

3D Roller Mechanism

The 3D Roller Mechanism from Inada is the only massage mechanism in the world that has the ability to push the rollers out for a deeper massage or withdraw the rollers for a more gentle massage. Rollers rotate just like real human wrists and mimic the fine movements of a massage professional.

Optical Shiatsu Point Sensor

Shiatsu points, which differ between people, are automatically detected by the INADA optical sensors. Before you start a massage program, position the chair for comfort, then relax. When you choose your program, ROBO Chair will begin with a scan of your back that will compare your profile to 100 stored profiles. ROBO Chair will than match your profile to the nearest stored profile and provide you with a totally customized massage.

​Voice-Activated Control System

ROBO Chair listens to what you say. ROBO Chair understands an extensive set of voice commands that allow you to totally control the chair with the sound of your voice. Change massage programs, turn features on and off, recline or sit upright…all without pushing a single button.

Arm and Hand Kneading Massage

A professional arm massage is comprised of three basic movements: grip, scoop and knead. ROBO Chair’s uniquely designed pneumatic massage technology accurately recreates the feel and effects of a professional massage. The entire armrest massage mechanism slides easily up and down the armrest allowing you to work any part of your forearm or your hand.

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