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Rapid Reboot Products – Prices – Reviews

Rapid Reboot | The Best Compression Recovery Boot Packages

Recovery for Athletes is proud to present the most affordable and high-quality muscle recovery packages on the market. We are giving our athletes the ability to design the perfect muscle recovery package to fit their needs. Whether you are looking for leg recovery or a complete body flush, we have you covered with our Rapid Reboot packages. All of our products come with the full manufacturer warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 

Our packages include:

  • Rapid Reboot Compression Boots: These recovery boots are the best bang for your buck on the market today. Featuring increased pressure, multiple sizes, as well as a duffel bag and zero-gravity chair, these compression boots are sure to make your recovery faster and easier.
  • TheraGun G3 or G3Pro Percussion Massager: Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own masseuse with you 24/7? We give you this option in an easy to use handheld device that flushes out built up lactic acid by increasing blood flow with percussive therapy.
  • PowerDot or Marc Pro Muscle Stimulator: The benefits of muscle stimulators are endless, especially with the PowerDot or Marc Pro. These products have been specifically made to increase muscle stamina and decrease the time it takes to recover.
  • Pso-Rite Massage Tool & Cryosphere Ice Massage Ball: These two products pinpoint the tough-to-reach locations such as the psoas and fascia tissue under the foot. Loosening these locations have an all-around effect on enhancing your connective body chain.