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Theragun G3 Percussion Massager

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Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Massager

If you are one of the millions of people dealing with chronic pain and looking for a natural approach to deal with it, look no further than the Theragun G3.

This amazing therapeutic percussion massager is designed to help relieve soreness, muscle tightness, and knots. The 40 lbs. of force and variable percussion speeds help break up knots, reduce lactic acid build-up and increase blood flow to speed up recovery.

For those of you looking for a tool to help boost your workouts, the Theragun G3 is also an amazing tool. The G3 can help activate and energize your warmup by improving muscle coordination and range of motion but activating tired muscles.

No matter your needs, the Theragun G3 is sure to help get your muscles moving and recovering faster. The Theragun G3 takes percussion therapy to the next level. Pick one up today and feel the change.

Not sure the Theragun G3 is right for you. Check out our Theragun G3 vs G3PRO comparison guide for an in-depth analysis of each Theragun Therapy Massager.

Theragun G3 Benefits

Instant Pain Relief. The Theragun G3's 40 lbs of force instantly relieves soreness, muscle tightness, and breaks up knots - without stalling. Use the lighter speed for extra-sensitive, sore areas.

Activate & Energize. Optimize your warmup by improving muscle coordination and range of motion in just 30 seconds. Activate tired muscles and feel re-energized with the Theragun G3. Everyday.

Recover & Restore. Treat sore muscles post-workout to accelerate muscle repair and recovery. No foam roller needed - use the Theragun G3’s ergonomic multi-grip for targeted myofascial release on hard-to-reach areas.

Theragun G3 Features

2 Essential Speeds - Customize treatment with 2 speeds: our standard, deep treatment speed and a lighter speed to treat sensitive, sore areas.

Pro Attachment Compatibility - The Theragun G3 comes with 4 Pro attachments and is compatible with all available pro attachments, each precisely engineered for targeted, area-specific relief.

Superior Build & Elegant Design - With a premium, high-gloss finish and sleek profile, the Theragun G3 makes no sacrifices on design while providing our quietest experience yet.

Ergonomic Multi-Grip - The ergonomic handle and various grips allow you to simply float the Theragun G3 over your muscles for easy relief - let it do all the work.

Theragun G3 Percussion Massager Included Parts

What’s Included with The Theragun G3

  • G3
  • Travel Case
  • Travel Charger
  • Pro Attachments
  • Dampener - Tender areas or near bones
  • Standard Ball - Overall use
  • Thumb - Lower back and trigger point therapy
  • Cone - Pinpoint muscle treatment

Thragun G3 Specifications

  • 16mm of amplitude
  • 40 lbs of stall force
  • 2 speeds (2400/1750 rpm)
  • 4 attachments
  • Professional grade plastic composite frame
  • 60 minutes of battery life
  • 2.7 lbs weight

Theragun G3 Attachments


Theragun G3 Dampener Attachment

Standard Ball

Theragun G3 Standard Ball Attachment


Theragun G3 Thumb Attachment


Theragun G3 Cone Attachment

Theragun G3 Percussion Massager Reviews

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