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Best Muscle Recovery Gifts For 2019

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Athletic recovery equipment has become a growing trend for elite athletes to gain an advantage on feeling fresh every day. We came up with a list of the best holiday gifts to give your athletic loved ones an edge! `

What if after an intense day of training you can just sit or lay down and recover the next day? The last thing you want to be doing is use your body for more physical activity. Your body is exhausted. Stretching, foam rolling, or a recovery bike workout feel just like another tiring exercise. Those exercises are great to increase flexibility and blood-flow on the short term, but they do not cure muscle soreness to the extent that you can bring it 100% every day. Your body needs real recovery. 

Here are the best athletic recovery tools for holiday gifts in 2019!

1. Theragun G3Pro

Say goodbye to DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) with the professional percussion massager called The Theragun G3PRO. Lactic acid build up is from the cause of DOMS. Percussion massagers break up lactic acid with intense vibrations on your muscles to help blood flow and reduce inflammation. In just 5-10 minutes you can blast away muscle soreness and feel fresh as ever. Just point the massage gun to the desired sore spot and let the massager do their magic! Great for before and after a tough workout. These devices are becoming extremely popular for elite athletes looking to get an edge.

Price: $599 (Normally $799)

                                                  Learn More About Theragun G3PRO Here

2. Game Ready

Mixing cold and compression therapy into one product, the Game Ready is is an incredible alternative to the freezing and mentally painful experience of an ice bath. The cold therapy along with the compression helps generate blood flow to the specific spots of soreness or injury. The Game Ready GRPro 2.1 is easy-to-use, painless, and it makes you feel better than ever! On top of that, you can choose between different compression sleeves for back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and more! Perfect for after a tough workout. Just lay down and recover away.

Price: $2755 (Normally $2999) 

                                                    Learn More About Game Ready Here 


3. Marc Pro Plus and PowerDot 2.0

With new advancements in technology over the past few years, Electric Muscle Stimulators (EMS) or E-Stim and TENS (Transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation) units have become extremely popular for athletes and fitness junkies . Their wireless on-the-go stimulation is a huge selling point. Just apply the safe electrical pulse plugs around the acute area of soreness or injury.  Marc Pro and Powerdot are two top muscle stimulator brands. You no longer have to hook your muscle stimulator to a large control unit. These devices are a great use for on-the-go athletic recovery. 

Marc Pro Plus Price: $1399

PowerDot 2.0 Price: $199

                                                 Learn More About Muscle Stimulators Here

4. Pso-Rite Psoas Muscle Release and Self Massage Tool

The Pso-Rite Psoas Muscle Release and Self Massage Tool could possibly be the most simple and important massage recovery tool for athletes. It is an incredible tool to release your psoas muscle which is the cause for many injuries in athletes heavy lifters, and fitness enthusiasts. The psoas muscle is located in the lower region of your lumbar spine and works its way across the femur and pelvis. Just lay on that spot and let the Pso-Rite do the work for you!

Price: $79

                                                           Learn More About Pso-Rite Here

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