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Why Physios Choose Nubis Over Other Massage Tables

The brand new Nubis Pro portable massage table is officially the most functional, ergonomically friendly massage table on the market. With various free lance masseurs, physiotherapists and athletic trainers using the Nubis Pro as a work table, it’s become increasingly beneficial for athletes on the road looking for on or off-site attention without wasting any time.

It’s Simply Better

Unlike foldable massage tables you see in your conventional physio room or training room, the Nubis Pro lightweight massage table has dual functionality as a mattress and also a massage table. The benefits come from its ability to deflate the mattress and stow away the stand so you can fit it perfectly in a backpack and take it on the road. Accompanied by an electric pump, designed to pump up the therapy table in just a few seconds, it’s ideal for those in need of a quick set up to help your athlete or customer with their urgent requirements. The whole structure has an excellent weight limit of 250 kgs (500 lbs) and is catered to suit individuals of any height whilst handling the pressure of both the client and the therapist. The Nubis Pro massage table comes with height adjustment compatibility and the total weight sits no heavier than a standard massage table at 35 lbs.

Furthermore, pick and choose from Orange, Black, Grey, Light and Dark Blue Colors to Taylor your own requirements, as well as having the unique luxury to print your own logo design onto the Nubis Mattress. For those with a whole clinic or various tables in a workplace, enjoy the luxury of branding your Nubis massage tables and make your customers and athletes feel comfortable at home. The Nubis massage unit is also safer than your standard office set up, as you can stow it away in your backpack and take it home, with a next day set up at only a few minutes.

 Who Benefits The Most?

 The Nubis Pro lightweight massage table definitely provides an easier and more sensible solution to traveling physiotherapists or athletic trainers working with athletes in random locations or on the road. Especially traveling sports such as baseball, football, basketball, tennis and golf, a team trainer or venue trainer is usually provided but a training room may not be. The Nubis Pro comes easily portable in the car, on a travel bus or even just as a backpack, for trainers looking to support athletes recovery process without wasting time setting up and packing away a large, bulky massage unit.

The Nubis Sport Package

For those trainers and physiotherapists looking to utilize the Nubis Pro Massage Table but are not in need of the stand, you can also purchase the mattress on its own and save the space instead ordering it with the frame. The lightweight massage mattress itself has a much more tolerant weight capacity of 750 lbs and weighs only 11 lbs. You can work on the floor, court-side or on the field as it’s deflatable nature gives you flexibility to make your office wherever you like. You can apply the mattress to your own stand, although the weight limitations may vary compared to the lightweight and sturdy Nubis stand that comes with the pro package.



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