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Therabody RecoveryAir vs RecoveryAir Pro

Therabody RecoveryAir vs RecoveryAir Pro

RecoveryAir vs RecoveryAir Pro

The RecoveryAir has proven itself to be an effective pneumatic compression system for elite athletes, busy professionals, and recovering patients alike. The RecoveryAir Pro, however, takes that same technology and adds a few extras that may be helpful to some users. There’s no doubt both machines are impressive; your final decision will come down to preference, budget, and personal requirements. Before you decide, though, why don’t we break down the specs and features of both Therabody compression therapy units.

Without further ado, let's find out which one is the best option for you.

Therabody RecoveryAir vs Therabody RecoveryAir Pro

In many ways, the Therabody RecoveryAir and Therabody RecoveryAir Pro are rather similar to one another. Although, there are a few major differences that may sway your final decision either way when choosing between them.

Therabody RecoveryAir Features

Therabody RecoveryAir Features

The Therabody RecoveryAir is a lightweight, high-performance pneumatic compression system designed to give athletes of all levels a competitive edge. Classified as an FDA Type II Medical Device, the Therabody RecoveryAir can be used by anyone who wants a proven way to speed up muscle recovery and shorten the time it takes to get back in the game.

Superior Pneumatic Compression

RecoveryAir’s advanced true negative gradient of pressure helps patients recover faster. The unit's four internal overlapping chambers use pressure that travels from the limb to the heart, which maximizes blood circulation. This, compared to competitor products which interrupt airflow and create potentially harmful peaks and valleys of pressure, is the far superior method.

Precise Pressure

The RecoveryAir allows athletes to not only set a specific pressure that you want but also allows manual adjustments to be made - down to impressively small increments of just 5mmHg between 20 to 100mmHg.

Extended Battery Life

The RecoveryAir device offers an impressive 360 minutes of usage time, this allowing athletes and medical professionals to use the unit on-the-go. No matter where you are, the extended battery life grants you with stable operation without having to worry about charging the device while you are away from the home or office.

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Therabody RecoveryAir Pro Features

Therabody RecoveryAir Pro Features

Also sporting FDA Type II Medical Device certification, the Therabody RecoveryAir Pro is designed with the medical professional and serious athlete in mind. Its ergonomic design features a variety of programmable settings, enabling athletes to control air pressure, time, and intensity to find what works best for them. With an impressive range of features, including an LCD display, adjustable compression levels, and smart connectivity for customized treatment, this unit sets a new standard for pneumatic compression systems.

Wireless Smart Control

The Therabody RecoveryAir Pro, with settings ranging from warm up to isolation, can be extensively customized via Bluetooth® in the RecoveryAir app. Increased circulation will boost the supply of oxygen and blood circulation - two vital ingredients for healing - throughout your body, perfect for recovery or the healing of an injured limb.

Universal garment compatibility

Unlike the RecoveryAir, that is compatible only with 4-chamber RecoveryAir garments, the RecoveryAir Pro features full compatibility with any of Therabody's garments. Whether that be the RecoveryAir Compression Sleeve or the RecoveryAir Pro Compression Pants, if you decide on the RecoveryAir Pro, you'll never have any issues with compatibility with any of Therabody’s attachable garments.

Precise Pressure Control

Building on the standard set by the RecoveryAir compressions system, the RecoveryAir Pro features the ability to control pressure precisely down to a single chamber or particular zone. Programs that have been designed with your needs in mind can be adjusted by the time, intensity of sessions, and cycle frequency - down to pressure increments of just 1mmHg.

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Specs Comparison

Specs Comparison

Therabody RecoveryAir Compression System

  • Adjustable 20-100mmHg pressure range in increments of 5mmHg
  • 4 hygienic internal overlapping chambers
  • Extended 360-minute battery life
  • No LCD display
  • Medical-grade coated fabric
  • Compression cycles are administered in 20 cycles in 20 minutes
  • Compatible only with 4-chamber RecoveryAir garments
  • 2-year limited warranty

Therabody RecoveryAir PRO Compression System

  • Adjustable 20-100mmHg pressure range in increments of 1mmHg
  • 4 hygienic internal overlapping chambers
  • 240 minutes of battery life
  • LCD display
  • Medical-grade coated fabric
  • Compression cycles are administered in 20 cycles in 20 minutes
  • Universal garment compatibility
  • 2-year limited warranty

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or someone who is simply seeking relief from chronic pain, Therabody compression therapy systems are a must-have for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more about the RecoveryAir, RecoveryAir Pro, or any other industry-leading compression systems, then why not check out our full range of pneumatic compression systems and accessories, available to you via free and fast shipping, here.

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