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Theragun Reviews

Theragun Reviews By Recovery For Athletes And Our Customers

What is your preferred Theragun model?

I prefer the Theragun G3PRO because as a professional athlete, the G3PRO provides me with the most power and has the longest-lasting battery. It also comes with the most attachments.

What do you like about the Theragun?

What I like about the Theragun is I can use it anywhere at any time. I can use it before and after my workouts, or even at home watching TV. The 6 different attachments make it even better! I can use them for unique areas of pain I can’t get with just a normal massage tip.

How long have you been using it for?

I have been using the G3PRO for the past 2 years and I use it every day. I was introduced in college and I instantly saw benefits in my movement and recovery.

What specifically have you been using the Theragun for?

I use the Theragun on every part of my body. I especially use it on my shoulders because as a tennis player my shoulders get really tight. I also use it a lot on my hip flexors to break up knots so I can increase my flexibility. The cool part about the Theragun is you can adjust the positioning on the massage tips so you can get harder to reach areas.

What benefits have you seen from using your Theragun?

The most important benefit I have seen from using the Theragun is I am not as sore the next day. There is no worse feeling than training the next day and having your whole body ache from muscle pain. Having sore muscles makes it much harder to train which leads to a decrease in performance and ability. Using the Theragun for 10 minutes before and after my workouts has increased my longevity in training and has allowed me to recover faster. Another benefit of using the Theragun is the amount of money I have saved from getting massage treatments that cost $80 an hour. I am my own, personal massage therapist now.

What is your favorite attachment?

My favorite attachment is the cone shape attachment. It penetrates the deepest into my muscles to help increase blood flow in the specific area.

If you could change anything about the Theragun what would it be?

The theragun could feel a bit heavy at times so I wish it was lighter, and it could be a bit quieter.

Why should someone buy a Theragun?

The Theragun should be used by people of all athletic abilities. Whether you go to the gym once a week or every day. If you want to wake up feeling fresh and without pain in your body, the Theragun will help you get there. It has become essential for me.

How often do you use your Theragun?

I use the Theragun every day before and after my workouts. Sometimes before I go to bed also.

Any last thoughts on the Theragun?

If you want to take your game to the next level, the Theragun is an essential tool to help you get there.

- Aron Hiltzik

Owner at Recovery For Athletes

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