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Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Recovery Pants System

by Aquilo
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Aquilo Sports Recovery Pants Size Chart

Aquilo Sports Cryo Compression Recovery Pants System

The brand-new 3rd Generation Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Recovery Pants System is revolutionizing the way in which athletes recover by giving you your own portable ice bath that you can wear without getting wet. Endorsed by the top NFL, NBA, MLS, and professional cyclists around the world, the Aquilo system is the latest and greatest recovery tool on the market. The technology used in this device circulates ice water around your entire lower body while keeping your skin perfectly dry. It is also 100% portable and can be charged to take it on the go. With Aquilo's cryo-compression pants there is no need to alternate different attachments or do multiple therapy sessions. The revolutionizing technology that Aquilo uses is unlike any other brand on the market. The unique handmade Italian pants feature cooling pads layered inside of a tight compression fabric. This combination delivers a full lower body cryo-compression treatment that is identical to an ice bath, minus the getting wet part. 

The Aquilo recovery pants are available in different sizes and can be adapted for all body types.

Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Recovery Pants System in use

Aquilo Sports Recovery Pants System Includes

  • Control Unit
  • One Handmade Italian Recovery Pant (select a pant size)
  • Power Adapter
  • Drain Hose
  • Instruction manual

Quick User Guide

Aquilo Sports Recovery Pants System Features

Cooling Effect
      • Effective cooling of the lower extremities by ice water, which is pumped through the legs surrounding pressure pad.
      • Simple portable application, without complicated installation of an ice bin.
Compression Effect
      • The dense compression pants inflate the pressure pads and provide a special compression system for a compression effect on the muscles of the lower extremities.
      • The pressure pad surrounding the leg ensures a comfortable and effective compression application.
    • The Aquilo Control unit (power adapter) is filled to the brim with ice and water and pumped through a powerful pump system ice water through the Aquilo Recovery pants.
    • During the 15-20 minute application, fresh ice water is constantly pumped through the recovery pants and provides the desired "Ice Bath effect".

Aquilo Sports Recovery Pants Benefits

Cold therapy and active compression with Aquilo Sports
      • Significant reduction of pain, muscle cramps, edema and swelling
      • Reduces possible damage in the musculature
      • Significantly improves regeneration after intense sports activities
      • Improves sleep behavior
Cold (General)
      • Decreased metabolic activity and reduced oxygen demand of the cells, thereby reducing secondary tissue damage.
      • Absorbs heat from the injured area, resulting in more efficient temperature reduction.
Compression (general)
    • Contributes to the prevention of edema and swelling.
    • Imitates natural muscle contractions and "pumps" edema out of the injured area.
    • Optimizes lymph drainage.
    • Improves blood circulation and oxygenation.
    • Stimulates tissue repair and promotes faster healing. 

Aquilo Sports Recovery Pants Size Chart

Aquilo Sports Recovery Pants Size Chart

Your Satisfaction with the Aquilo Cryo-Compression Recovery Boots System is Guaranteed

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