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ARYSE IFAST Ankle Support

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ARYSE IFAST Ankle Support

Move like this. Finally, joint protection that doesn't limit performance.

Developed with the body in mind, the IFAST is the only dynamic ankle stabilizer. The IFAST moves the way athletes move and protects the way the body protects. Designed for hard-court sports, the IFAST fits easily inside any shoe giving athletes ankle protection without compromising performance.

FAST stands for functional anatomical stabilizing technology. FAST is a methodology that looks to the body for creating products that move the way athletes move and protect the way the body protects. Our exo-performance products give athletes the ability to use their full range of motion while allowing them to have precise and customizable support.

ARYSE IFAST Ankle Support

Customizable Support

Incorporated into the IFAST is a synthetic ligament. Using specially selected materials, the tension systems behave like the ligaments in the body. Built into the tension system is an adjustable tension cord that allows for a customizable level of support.

Built for Protection

The IFAST uses an upper and lower cuff to secure the device to the ankle. By using a material slightly more sturdy than the tension system, these cuffs act like the bone and keep all motion and protection focused at the ankle joint.

Comfort Fitting

Keeping the body protected and compressed is the skin. The IFAST compression sleeve acts as the skin, surrounding the ankle joint, keeping it warm and mobile.

XFAST Applications

  • Prophylactic Ankle Protection
  • Acute or Chronic Ankle Sprains
  • Ankle Instabilities
  • Anterior Ankle Impingement
  • Deltoid Ligament Ankle Sprains
  • Effusions of Joints, Ankle, and Foot
  • Stiffness
  • Edema
  • Strains of Peroneal Tendon
  • Among Others
ARYSE IFAST Ankle Support

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