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Body Helix Adjustable Groin/Piriformis Compression Wrap

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Groin strain is a common injury in both explosive and endurance sports. The Adjustable Groin and Piriformis Helix is ideal for management of injuries to your groin (gracilis, pectineus, adductors longus and brevis) enabling you to play through minor strains of the muscles and tendons. It can be comfortably placed high in your groin without being a distraction, freeing you to focus on your sport.  The adjustable strap ensures the perfect fit. Because of its unique design, this Helix also provides warmth and support to injured muscles and tendons of your buttocks (the gluteus maximus and the external rotators of the hip including the piriformis), portions of your hip flexors (rectus femoris, sartorius, iliopsoas), and your tensor fasciae latae (TFL).  It can be adjusted to sit higher or lower on your hips, ensuring coverage over the area that is injured.  The adjustable strap ensures the perfect fit. The Adjustable Groin/Piriformis Helix is an excellent choice for prevention of injuries and re-injuries, warming your muscles and tendons to increase blood flow and limiting muscle oscillation to delay the onset of muscle fatigue, ensuring you can play at your best and leave it all out there.

Adjustable Groin/Piriformis Compression Wrap Features

  • Ideal for gracilis, pectineus, adductors and TFL
  • Provides warmth and support to gluteus maximus, external rotators of the hip, and portions of your hip flexors
  • Velcro closure for the perfect fit
  • One size fits most
  • High-tech fabric that locks to your skin after you start to sweat
  • Closed-cell core material won’t hold odors or bacteria
  • HSA, FSA approved
  • Veteran Owned Company
  • Machine wash and dry to keep it looking and smelling brand new
  • non-petrochemical latex-free neoprene
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