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Coldtub Polarpool | 3-5 Person Cold Plunge Tub

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Coldtub Polarpool | 3-5 Person Cold Plunge Tub

The POLARPOOL is Coldtub's original tub that took the ice therapy world by storm. It is designed to fit 3-5 people. It will roll through a standard doorway and plug into a standard wall outlet. Temperature ranges from 42º – 104ºF. Comes in plain black.

Ice baths and cold water therapy are proving to be a necessary part of serious athletic training and rehab programs. Coldtub designs and manufactures cryotherapy equipment for professional sport teams, universities, serious athletes and the US military. Like any type of therapy, detail is key. Precise temperature control is essential when prescribing specific therapy. COLDTUB products can be cooled to 42°F (5.5 C) degrees with a touch of a button. They can be set and maintained within +/- 2 degrees. Compare that to tests of traditional icebath therapy where the temperature typically ranges from 58°F degrees to as low 32.5°F degrees (frost-bite risk).


Coldtub Polarpool - 3-5 Person Cold Plunge Tub
  • Electrical requirement is 110Volt dedicated 15amp circuit for each unit.
  • The COLDTUB™ comes with a 6′ GFCI cord and male plug.
  • No plumbing is required. The COLDTUB™ is filled and drained with a garden hose.
  • Filters with 10sq’ water filter that can be replaced while water is in the tub.
  • Salt water sanitizer system maintains Chlorine levels.
  • Wifi extender installed to run the COLDTUB™ app.
  • Capable of connecting tub to and controlling the tub from internet. This depends on the internet availability on location./li>
  • Underwater light
  • Therapy Jets
  • 1300Watt heater
  • Water Capacity: 160 Gal / 606 L
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7' x 6' x 2'

Polarpool Package Includes:

  • SPOLARPOOL® 2 in 1 Cold/Hot, Black Outside Panels, GFCI Component, Automatic Salt/Ozone Water Purification, COLDTUBTM Pal, Dead Sea Salt Kit, Mylovac Cover upgrade, Wireless operation with Coldtub APP, Micropure Filtration, Bioloc Surface
  • Shipping included

Your Satisfaction with the Coldtub Polarpool | 3-5 Person Cold Plunge Tub is Guaranteed

  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Warranty:
    • Tub Shell Structure - 7 Years
    • Equipment & Plumbing - 2 years
    • Shell Surface - 2 years
    • Cover - 2 years
    • Salt System - 2 years
    • Floor - 2 years

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