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Health Mate Elevated Health Bi-Level Full Spectrum Sauna

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Elevated Health Bi-Level Full Spectrum Sauna

Experience Multi-Person, Bi-Level Luxury with Our 2 to 4 Person Sauna

Health Mate Restore Full Spectrum infrared saunas were created with supreme luxury in mind, to provide the world not with just improved health and wellness, but with a complete upgrade on how you enjoy your infrared sauna sessions.

Looking for the best 2 to 4 person infrared sauna for the home? The Elevated Health model is your #1 choice.

This infrared sauna with 2 level seating is complete with mirrored privacy glass windows, exterior lighting, an ergonomic bench, 96 diode near-infrared LED, patented interior & exterior controllers, lower back heater, floor heater, and so much more.


Health Mate saunas are built from the ground up, including the most critical component of all. The heating mechanism. Patented Tecoloy™ infrared sauna heater is a revolution in heating technology, providing a full 360 degrees of dual wave heat. The heating mechanism provides up to a 40% deeper level of penetration than the leading carbon heater that many other saunas use. Tecoloy™ heaters also have the fastest to temperature heat time, maintain a low and safe EMF level, all the while certified non-toxic. Each of the heaters even comes with a unique serial number. That’s how you know the quality of components and the safety of our customers are our highest priorities.

Elevated Health Features

  • Patented Controller: Professional series controller with reservation function. Set your sauna to turn on anytime. (Interior)
  • Enclosed Door: Less than 5% heat reduction.
  • Mirrored Glass: Enjoy privacy with mirrored side and door glass.
  • "A" Grade Eucalyptus: Only the best Eucalyptus. Natural Antimicrobial. PEFcm certifed green.
  • Bi-Level Sauna: Tecoloy MAX™ mid and far infrared heaters. LED near infrared light therapy.
  • Ergonomic Bench: Relax in comfort with our unique bi-level sauna perfect for your entire family.
  • 12' power cord. Back bottom.

Tecoloy™ 360 Max Heaters

Feel the Difference with a 15% quicker sauna heat-up time and up to 10% deeper muscle penetration.

True Full Spectrum

Health Mate is proud to offer true full spectrum infrared saunas. Enjoy full spectrum without extremely high EMF’s, blistering hot heat, and spending 5x the cost in electricity. No food heat lamps here.

Dual Wave Micron Heaters & Why They Matter

Working with the #1 heater company in the world, Health Mate has created the ultimate far infrared heater designed and engineered to perform for a fundamental experience ensuring health benefits full circle.

With state-of-the-art 360 degree Dual Wave Micron Heaters, experience a new wave of powerful infrared heat therapy that delivers powerful far infrared heat. As the only company able to achieve this level of heat in the world, Health Mate’s infrared heaters emit 2 infrared wavelengths, doubling your overall health benefits, for the ultimate health and wellness achievement.

With Dual Wave Micron technology, you achieve higher core temperatures at faster speeds while maintaining the full detoxification benefits of far infrared heat.

About Health Mate Saunas

There are many aspects that differentiate Health Mate from other competitors. For one, they are the original manufacturers of the infrared sauna, in business for over 40 years. Health Mate's industry-leading experience and industry knowledge puts them in a league all of their own.

100% PEFC Eucalyptus

Every single one of Health Mate's saunas is built with “A” grade Eucalyptus, a potent antimicrobial, and the only type of wood that repels fungi and bacteria. Health Mate sets the standard for quality, innovation, and safety, and strives to provide the community with only the best experience with their line of products.

Low EMF Heaters

All of Health Mate's units, including the small 3 person Renew infrared sauna, are equipped with low EMF heaters, ensuring that you get the greatest benefits at the safest levels possible. Other companies may say that their heaters are superior and are safer, but fail to produce the evidence.


Your Elevated Health Sauna comes standard with 96 diode near-infrared LED chromotherapy lighting, allowing you to customize your sauna experience with adjustable colors for enhanced health benefits. Each color of chromotherapy lighting promotes different health features.

Your Satisfaction with the Health Mate Elevated Health Sauna is Guaranteed:

  • The Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Tecoloy Heaters: Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • Sauna Wood: 5 Year Warranty
  • Power Supply & Patented Controller: 5 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax in the U.S.
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