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InBody S10 Body Water Analyzer

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InBody S10 - Versatile In-Depth Analysis

The InBody S10 can analyze body composition and body water in users who are immobile or have amputated limbs via attachable electrodes. Precisely monitor changes in the body and fluid composition to optimize your wellness regimens.

Gently clip the Touch Type electrodes onto the fingers and ankles of paralyzed or bed-ridden individuals for measurement.

Use the Adhesive Type electrodes to assess those with amputated limbs.

  • 30 impedance measurements
  • 6 frequencies at each of the 5 segments
  • LookinBody 120 Compatible
  • Touchscreen

InBody S10 Body Water Analyzer

InBody S10 Specs

  • Product Dimensions with Stand: 12.7 in. x 8 in. x 46.5 in. ( L x W x H )
  • Product Dimensions without Stand: 8 in. x 2.1 in. x 12.7 in. ( L x W x H )
  • Equipment Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Height Range: 3 ft 1.4 in-7 ft 2.6 in
  • Database: 100,000 results (if member ID is utilized)
  • Frequencies: 1, 5, 50, 250, 500, 1000 kHz
  • Test Modes: Medical and Research Mode
  • Test Duration: 90 (Medical) – 130 (Research) seconds
  • Weight Range: 22-551 lbs
  • Age Range: 3-99 years
  • Compatible Printers: Laser/Inkjet PCL 3 or above and SPL
  • Standard Outputs: Weight, Total Body Water, Dry Lean Mass, Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index, Percent Body Fat, Segmental Lean Analysis, Body Composition History, Body Water Composition History, Intracellular Water, Extracellular Water, ECW/TBW Analysis, Segmental Body Water Analysis, Segmental ECW/TBW Analysis
  • Additional Outputs: Body Fat-Lean Body Mass Control, Basal Metabolic Rate, Segmental Impedance at each Frequency, Visceral Fat Level, Visceral Fat Area, Segmental Fat Analysis, Segmental ICW Analysis, Segmental ECW Analysis, Leg Lean Mass, TBW/LBM, Reactance, Whole Body and Segmental Phase Angle, Skeletal Muscle Index

InBody S10 Features

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