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Jacobs Ladder Stairway

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Jacobs Ladder The Stairway

Just like with Jacobs Ladder, YOU control the speed.

The higher up you go, the faster the stairs come. It has a initial step height of only 10” and it will fit where other stair climbers won’t with a ceiling height requirement of only 8 ½ feet.

Stairway is the only commercial stair climber that does not need a plug, so you can put it anywhere in a gym without being tied to a wall. It is also easy to move around so, it can be used in a personal training environment. It is the stair climber for all ages!

Jacobs Ladder Stairway

Jacobs Ladder Stair Climber Specs

  • Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
  • Width: 30.5"
  • Length: 54”
  • Height: 75.5”
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Stairs: Steel with Polyvinyl Tread
  • Case: ABS Plastic
  • Power: Self-Powered
  • Ceiling Height: 8.5 feet
  • Digital Readouts: Elapsed Time, Steps Climbed, Rate (Steps/Min), Calorie Burn, Heart Rate (wireless)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 32” x 60” x 80”, 395 lbs
  • Shipping Density: 4.444 lbs/ft3

Jacobs Ladder Stair Climber Features

The Stairway stair climber allows you to take your workout to new heights. You control the speed and resistance, allowing you to work out at your pace and intensity level.

Your Satisfaction with Jacobs Ladder is Guaranteed:

  • 4 Year Warranty on Parts
  • 1 Year Warranty on Labor
  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax in the U.S.
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