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Manta AROMA Sleep Mask

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Manta AROMA Sleep Mask

Meet the world’s most effective aromatherapy mask.

AROMA is the only aromatherapy mask designed, constructed and optimized for maximum relaxation in any environment. Created to combine the soothing power of lavender aromatherapy with the sensory relief of 100% blackout, AROMA is for you whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, muscle tension, high blood pressure, headaches or insomnia. Because feeling better makes everything better.

  • Gently calms and relaxes
  • Scent lasts 15-30x longer than other masks
  • 100% pure AAA-grade lavender
  • Targeted ‘scent vents’
  • Infinitely adjustable for custom fit
  • Soft, durable, snag-free materials
  • 100% blackout for total relaxation

Includes Manta AROMA Mask and 5 individually-sealed AROMA sachets. Microwaveable and machine washable. Remove sachet before washing.

What Makes AROMA Different

Manta AROMA Sleep Mask
  • Designed to melt away tension and stress & create an aura of comfort and calm so you feel relaxed, fall asleep faster and get better-quality rest - AROMA Mask is tailor-made for sensitive sleepers who struggle with stress and sleeplessness. Lavender aromatherapy is scientifically proven to induce whole-body relaxation by stimulating scent receptors in your nose — which then communicate with your nervous system to deactivate your fight-or-flight response. Combine with 100% blackout, and voila: you feel totally relaxed and ready to sleep (or meditate, or do some gentle yoga).
  • Targeted 'scent vents' for laser-focused relief from stress, headaches and insomnia - AROMA features laser cut, perforated ‘scent vents’ that direct the gentle aroma of lavender directly to your nose. The result: each gram of lavender delivers more relaxation than it otherwise would — and it stays fresher, longer.
  • Replaceable AAA-grade lavender lasts 15-30x longer than other masks for a natural scent that’s endlessly fresh - Most aromatherapy masks have artificial scents that last just a couple of weeks — but AROMA uses 100% pure, AAA-grade dried lavender buds with no added oils. The result: a pure, natural scent that lasts 15-30x longer than other masks.

  • 100% adjustable fit for right-where-you-need-it moist heat therapy - AROMA is made to fit your unique face. Your eye cups’ position, angle and strap tightness are infinitely adjustable for a fit so seamless, you barely feel your mask on your face. It's like it was custom made for you. (Because it basically was.)
  • 100% blackout for maximized rest and relaxation — so you feel restored as soon as you put your mask on - There’s nothing like total blackout to induce a state of calm and relaxation. That’s why AROMA Mask perfectly covers and conforms to your eyes to block 100% of light, even in broad daylight — so you can access total relaxation, on demand.
  • Every detail engineered for unmatched comfort, in any position - AROMA Mask is designed for no-compromises comfort and constructed with soft, durable, snag-free materials that gently conform to your face without putting any pressure on your eyes. So you experience maximum tranquility whether you’re on your back, side or stomach.
Manta AROMA Sleep Mask

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