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NEVERSECOND C30 Energy Gel 12-Unit Pack

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Our C30 Energy Gel delivers 30g of carbohydrate for fast-absorbing energy. Can be taken with or without water. Mild flavor and thin viscosity reduce the opportunity for GI discomfort, even during hard sessions and races. Use can be further personalized in conjunction with NEVERSECOND Guidance System™.

C30 Energy Gel Features

  • AJ-21 Carb Blend: 2:1 glucose to fructose carb blend optimizes fuel delivery and hydration
  • 200mg Sodium: Promotes rapid water absorption
  • Mild flavor: Gentle on the stomach
  • Quality controlled and tested
  • Certified banned substance-free

Package Size

  • 12 - 60ml Units

Serving Size

  • 60ml Per Gel

Usage Instructions

  • Consume 1-3 gels per hour of intense exercise. To further personalize, use with Neversecond Guidance SystemTM.

Athletes Choice

Jordan Hasay

Joseph Gray

Team Jumbo Visma

Team EF Education Easy Post

Keegan Swenson

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