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RAD Roller Atom

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RAD Roller Atom

When you don’t need the hyper-precision of a point release tool, but you need some high-quality compression and circulation in larger muscle groups like the glutes and hips, make the Atom your new best friend. This thing knows how to get stuff done. Use with the Rod for crow-bar style control and deeper compression.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • BPA, latex and plastic free
  • Made of ABS and polymer
  • User guide included with 16+ uses
  • 4.25 inches, 1.2 pounds


The Atom is big and strong enough to obliterate tension in tough-to-tackle areas like the inner shoulder, adductors, glutes and traps, but with a much smaller surface area (and therefore greater compression) than the regular ol' foam roller.


Use the Atom on it's own, or up the ante by inserting one end of the Rod into the center hole to create a self-directed, crowbar-style shearing tool that pulls muscles open. Fascial restrictions don't stand a chance.


Rests in the Axle for elevated point release in the pecs and shoulders.


The Atom serves up killer control and all-over access with its versatile size and just-right firmness. It's The most dynamic tool in the RAD Lineup - mastering the art of both point release and muscle-flushing-style rolling.

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