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RAD Roller Recovery Rounds

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RAD Roller Recovery Rounds

Born from a body-benefiting collaboration between Yoga Medicine and RAD - we’re basically BFFs at this point - these gentle-touch massaging rounds wake up your muscles and stimulate your nervous system for total body recovery and calm. Use them...umm...everywhere.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • BPA, latex and plastic free
  • User guide included with 14 + uses
  • 2.5 inches, 5.5 ounces each


These wildly versatile tools turn down the volume on pressure to promote calm in your mind and throughout your parasympathetic nervous system. You’ll love using these baby blues on your neck, back, hips…and anywhere that could use a relaxing touch.


The masters at Yoga Medicine wanted to create a softer round that would help awaken your muscles and fascia through a gentler touch. The forgiving density hydrates your muscles and aids in optimal recovery. Made with Eco-Friendly silicone.


Not too big. Not too small. At 14", the Axle offers all the length you need and none of the excess you don’t. Most foam rollers clock in at 22", 36"; or even 50";, which is not only obtrusive to store in your home, but it’s just plain hard to work with.


Our Recovery Rounds are the same size as a standard Roller to fit perfectly in the Block for stabilization and storage.

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