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Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 Vibration Massager

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Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 Vibration Massager

The PRO2, Rapid Release Therapy’s professional premier device, is specially designed to deliver precise, targeted energy that releases pain and tension by combining high-speed vibration with short-stroke action. Ergonomically-designed. With an ergonomic design, this FDA registered Class 1 medical device is durable and designed to maintain comfort for both the patient and the practitioner while delivering great results. The PRO2 vibrates at 10,000VPM, is ideal for 2-5 minutes of treatment. The PRO2 is a trusted go-to device by 12,000+ practitioners

PRO2 delivers precisely targeted energy that relaxes muscles and relieves minor aches and pains by combining high speed vibration and a short-stroke. This device provides maximum comfort to both the patient and the practitioner. With 5 built-in treatment heads, you have the dynamic range to safely apply to the smallest muscles of the hand and wrist as well as the largest muscles of the thigh, hip and back.

Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 Vibration Massager


  • Treatment Disc - Target large muscle groups and virtually all body parts. Gentle and relaxing, this treatment head vibrates on the same plane (surface) as the skin.
  • Large Tip - Glides easily over the skin and/or clothing. Vibrating perpendicular to the skin, this treatment head is the go-to for most applications. Cover a wide area with more focused energy.
  • Acupoint - Penetrate deep into trouble spots. Ideal for small areas.
  • Power Band - This area offers the most intense vibration. Vibrates perpendicular to skin to treat large muscle groups and other body areas. Great for athletes.
  • Soft Tip - For use on more sensitive and/or tender areas. Vibrates perpendicular to the skin.


  • Low Impact - Created with practitioners and patients in mind, the PRO2 has a low impact design that works to reduce strain and improve treatment efficacy and is perfect for extended use.
  • Improved Satisfaction - The PRO2 is a medical device that provides welcome relief to patients, increasing their satisfaction and quality of life.
  • Treat With Confidence - Let the PRO2 empower your capabilities and practice. Increase your efficiency and improve patient treatment satisfaction by employing a medical device that enhances your practice and capabilities.
  • Amazing Results - With 5 built-in heads, the PRO2 is designed for use at any angle to suit your patient’s needs. Your patients will love it.
Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 Vibration Massager

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