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Airofit Breathing Trainer

The science behind breathing is ancient, with practices and training methods that span thousands of years. Airofit has harnessed this age-old wisdom and modernized it, making it accessible to everyone in the 21st century.

Key Benefits of Airofit Breathing Training:

  1. Improved Respiratory Strength: Training the breathing muscles, especially the diaphragm, enhances an athlete's performance in both high-intensity and endurance sports. Strengthened breathing muscles delay fatigue, ensuring a consistent oxygen supply to the muscles during exercise.

  2. Increased Accessible Lung Capacity: Airofit enhances one's Vital Capacity, which refers to the total amount of air one can inhale and exhale. By stretching the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, the residual volume decreases, increasing the volume of usable air. This is beneficial not only for athletes but also for individuals with conditions like asthma or COPD.

  3. Boosted Anaerobic Threshold: High-intensity activities demand more energy than can be supplied by oxygen alone. Training with Airofit accustoms muscles to an oxygen-deprived environment, allowing for prolonged high-intensity performance.

  4. Mindfulness, Relaxation, and Stress Reduction: Meditative breathing patterns, facilitated by Airofit, stimulate the Vagus nerve, promoting relaxation. This is beneficial for athletes seeking recovery and individuals in high-stress environments.

Research Findings

A 2022 pilot study conducted by the Institute of Sport at Manchester Metropolitan University highlighted the benefits of the Airofit smart breathing system. After six weeks of training with Airofit, healthy participants exhibited significant improvements in lung and diaphragm function. The study, led by Dr. Christopher Morse, found that participants' max inspiratory pressure (MIP) and max expiratory pressure (MEP) increased by 45% and 20%, respectively. This enhancement was attributed to a 30% growth in the diaphragm muscle. As a result, participants improved their exercise efficiency by 7%, generating more power over extended periods without an increase in VO2max.

Dr. Morse emphasized the potential benefits for individuals with thinner or weaker diaphragms. The growth in the diaphragm muscle likely improved power distribution, as it required less oxygen to perform the same amount of work. This surplus oxygen could then be utilized by other muscles, such as the quadriceps.

Another study from 2021 compared the Airofit PRO with the medically certified MicroRPM. Conducted by Dr. Stavrou at the University of Thessaly, the research involved 21 male professional athletes from various disciplines. The study concluded that the Airofit PRO was as precise in measuring breathing pressure as the MicroRPM, a device widely used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Airofit FAQ's

What is Airofit and how does it work?

Airofit operates as a breathing training device. It offers resistance to your respiratory muscles, and its accompanying mobile application provides real-time feedback, guides you through exercises, and allows you to monitor your advancements.

How is Airofit different from other breathing trainers?

Airofit stands out as the market's sole genuinely intelligent breathing trainer. Recognizing that everyone is unique, Airofit customizes its training programs based on individual factors like age, stature, gender, and preferences. It also gauges your lung capacity and the strength of your breathing muscles. This data serves as a foundation for your training, ensuring you commence and progress appropriately. Moreover, Airofit doesn't just focus on respiratory muscle training (RMT); it also addresses respiratory strength, vital capacity, anaerobic threshold, and relaxation, ensuring enhanced training, quicker recovery, and optimal performance.

Is Airofit the same as altitude training?

Airofit does not work the same as altitude training. Airofit is a respiratory training system. The breathing trainer provides resistance on your breathing muscles, while the mobile app gives you live feedback and guidance through exercises, as well as, the ability to track your progress.

Just like any other muscle group, your respiratory muscles can become stronger, faster and more efficient, which directly correlates to a better O2, therefore improving your physical performance.

What is the difference between Airofit and an elevation mask?

Elevation masks merely limit the airflow during exercise, which can be inefficient and potentially hazardous. Such masks can decrease oxygen levels and increase CO2 levels in your bloodstream, which isn't the goal of respiratory muscle training. In contrast, Airofit focuses on strengthening your respiratory muscles in a relaxed setting. It offers adjustable resistance levels, similar to weight training, and its mobile app provides real-time feedback, guidance, and progress tracking.

Can Airofit help if I have asthma and/or COPD?

When developed by AMBU, Airofit was originally designed as an asthma and COPD aid. Respiratory training is known to help with asthma symptoms.

In asthmatics, variety in tidal volumes is very common – their breathing muscles are working far from the optimal capacity. This makes them inactive and results in dyspnea/shortness of breath. This becomes most obvious during exercise, so you waste even more energy on breathing alone.

Would it help me? I am not an athlete.

Absolutely! Airofit is versatile and can benefit everyone, from elite athletes to everyday individuals aiming for personal improvement.

Does Airofit track HRV or Sleep?

Airofit doesn't directly monitor HRV or sleep. However, users can integrate their Apple Health data with the Airofit app for a more comprehensive overview.

Can multiple people use the same device?

It is not recommended that people share the device, for two reasons:

  1. The product is designed so that one user can reach their full potential, which requires training every day, 5-10 minutes twice a day. For this reason, it may complicate training if you are trying to share one device.

  2. For sanitary reasons, we cannot recommend that you share a device, as you cannot wash the whole device (you can wash the passive unit without the electronics and the mouthpiece), we cannot assure 100% that when you clean the device, all the bacteria will be gone.
  3. If you, however, decide to share the device, please make sure that you use different phones and different accounts, so your results don’t mix up.

Is there an age limit for using Airofit?

There's no specific age limit for Airofit. However, the app doesn't allow registration for users under 13 due to the lack of respiratory data for that age group. Young users, especially those under 15, should use Airofit under adult supervision.

What is the difference between the Active and the PRO?

The Pro will offer Bluetooth connectivity allowing for live program guidance, feedback, and progress tracking. The Active, is the exact same as the Pro in terms of design, look and feel. However, the Active will not have Bluetooth connectivity, and thus you would not receive progression tracking or live feedback on how you are performing the training sessions.

What is the difference between the PRO 1.0 and the PRO 2.0?

The PRO 2.0 brings great new features and refinements:

  • Advanced Lung test: Take the most comprehensive lung test in the world divided into 3 steps and get a super precise measurement of your accessible lung capacity, inhale and exhale strength.

  • Improved guidance: Get detailed guidance on your breath training together with more accurate feedback on your performance to understand and practice different breathing patterns.

  • More accurate results: Eliminate external factors from affecting your training and test results. Our new way of measuring your breath will ensure there’s minimal deviation in your training data.

  • Better peer comparison: Comparison with your peers and their breathing training performance has never been so accurate. Get the suggestions from our app and find out where you’re ahead of your peer group and where you should improve.

  • Optimized hardware: Enjoy your breathing training with compact and durable hardware. A newly designed e-unit and magnetic charging method will secure that your Airofit is saliva & splash resistant. Moreover, a long-lasting battery (4-7 days) ensures that you can train with Airofit anytime and anywhere.