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Recovery For Athletes Reviews From Our Customers

Recovery for Athletes strives to provide the absolute best service in the athletic recovery industry. We offer MORE than just the best products at the best prices. We are the #1 Rated recovery equipment store because we go above and beyond to make sure you are getting the top of the line products coupled with elite customer service. Here are just a few reasons why we have 5 Star Service:


We're a small team and truly care about your experience with us. Unlike the other "internet" companies out there that want just a simple transaction, we are here to help you every step of the way. After you place an order with us, you can expect an email from our President personally thanking you for your business.


When you call us you get a real professional athletes on the other line eager to help you out. Whether you are looking for a percussion massager, muscle stimulator, or anything else, we truly invest ourselves in understanding our products.


By working closely with a large number of the best brands in fitness and athletics, we are given a unique insight that you cannot find anywhere else. Our owners have taken the time to carefully select only the best brands with track records for excellent products. We hope you find our focus on providing great information and an unbiased opinion on all of our products refreshing.

Based on 147 reviews
Amazing for post shoulder surgery

Had a torn rotator cuff and labrum that i needed surgery on. The game ready helped me so much. I could not have imagined recovering without it. The guys at recovery for athletes are great. Very knowledgable and so glad they sold me on this.

Extremely Satisfied with this Product. I love it. Highly recommend it.

Theragun G3PRO Professional Percussive Therapy Massager Package

Great for tight muscles

I use the theragun before and after playing tennis or running. It's terrific. It was delivered so quickly and packed so beautifully. This would be a fabulous present for anyone. I also plan to have it with me whenever I travel.

Theragun G3PRO Professional Percussive Therapy Massager Package


Just buy it. First use was after leg day, and my knee aches were almost completely gone after just a few mins around the knees and on the thighs. Been using daily since, and it has helped to relieve many of my aches and pains due to years of lifting in the gym. Only regret is not buying it sooner.

Theragun G3pro

This is an excellent device, a must have if you want to maximize your workouts. Also shipping was quick and arrived as expected. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.


Love it. Batt doesn’t last long.

Theragun G3PRO Professional Percussive Therapy Massager Package

the Best

Im a profesional Ballet dancer, and I’ll tell you, this is The best thing in the world to recover. I can’t explain how much it help me with all the pain and muscle fatigue.

Rapid Reboot system are Amazing!

Bought two systems for my Wellness Center, and I am more than pleased with them. They definitely went over and above my expectations, and I really feel they will be of great benefit to our clients. Recovery for Athletes made it very easy for me to order, and everything was shipped and delivered right on time. Both systems came very well packed, and everything I ordered was present. I would definitely order from Recovery for Athletes, and recommend others to order from them as well!

Amazing - they serve exactly the purpose I needed them for and more!

Background: I am an athletic 26 yo male who is recovering from a posterior shoulder dislocation and 2 hamstring pulls. I attended physical therapy for both and was introduced to BFR towards the end of my recovery for my shoulder. These are the exact BFR cuffs I used at the PT clinic.

Things to know before you buy:
1) You need to get your total occlusion pressure measured. I had my PT do this, you could probably do this using a method online but don't mess around with it, get it right. Side note: research shows that a slightly higher pressure doesn't increase results -- say going from 55% to 60% occlusion (although it does make the exercise much more difficult)
2) If you get the personal kit it does not come with the doppler to measure pulse/occlusion
3) The personal kit comes with a bag, not a hard case. The hard case is for the clinical size/kit.

My experience:
I took up BFR because my shoulder cannot support weighted exercises yet. I've been stuck using therabands but needed more options to develop muscle to get my shoulder strong enough to be able to resume competitive physical activity. Because your shoulder is used in just about every upper body exercise, that means I couldn't do weight-bearing exercises for any of my other upper body limbs as well. These BFR smart cuffs allowed me to go back to working out earlier to help me build muscle around my shoulders to increase support around the stretched ligaments/muscles.

As far as the product - it's phenomenal, I've used these specific cuffs at PT for about 5 months and my personal ones for 2 months. They are durable, comfortable and do everything I need them to do. I highly recommend if you are looking for any time of BFR training.


Love it. I go to the Gym and my trainer uses a Percussion Massager on me before we start our exercise. That made me curious to invest in one similar to it because I could see the good results. My shoulders are always tight, giving me headaches and I have had four left foot surgery which has caused muscle atrophy ! This is a great tool for me. After much research I found Theragun !
The fact you can hold it at any angle and do it yourself rather than depending on someone else is very smart and was a no brained for me. 2 min on each area and good to go!

I love my Theragun

I have been working out a lot and getting sore muscles and the Theragun eases the pain and makes me feel great.

Theragun G3 Lightweight Percussive Therapy Massager


The best gun i have bought thus far.

game ready back wrap

excellent!!! my boss loves this machine and back wrap!!

Love it!

Bought theragun for recovery after PT, ended up using all the time on the rest of my body. The entire family started using as well, would highly recommend.

Squid Go

I rented the squid go for shoulder surgery. It is light weight and works well.

My son is extremely happy with the Rapid Reboot System! And the customer service was top notch!

Game Ready Carry Bag


Very happy with the results so far but need to use it more often

Most Practical Table I have ever used.

I am a traveling physio for professional tennis players. I absolutely love this table. It is so fast to inflate and deflate and I can easily carry it on to planes. It is perfect for quick set up wherever I go. My players say it is very comfortable too.

Super great!

Game ready has decreased swelling and allowed my daughter to get full ROM in a very short amount of time… Outstanding machine… Worth every penny!

Best purchase ever

After a week of use my ankles and calves are feeling better l.

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