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Recovery For Athletes Reviews From Our Customers

Recovery for Athletes strives to provide the absolute best service in the athletic recovery industry. We offer MORE than just the best products at the best prices. We are the #1 Rated recovery equipment store because we go above and beyond to make sure you are getting the top of the line products coupled with elite customer service. Here are just a few reasons why we have 5 Star Service:


We're a small team and truly care about your experience with us. Unlike the other "internet" companies out there that want just a simple transaction, we are here to help you every step of the way. After you place an order with us, you can expect an email from our President personally thanking you for your business.


When you call us you get a real professional athletes on the other line eager to help you out. Whether you are looking for a percussion massager, muscle stimulator, or anything else, we truly invest ourselves in understanding our products.


By working closely with a large number of the best brands in fitness and athletics, we are given a unique insight that you cannot find anywhere else. Our owners have taken the time to carefully select only the best brands with track records for excellent products. We hope you find our focus on providing great information and an unbiased opinion on all of our products refreshing.

Based on 80 reviews
Great for pain, recovery and healing!!

Fantastic piece of equipment to aid in my helaing after knee/acl reconstruction! Instrumental in keeping pain and swelling down. Recommend the game ready 💯 %.
My son now uses it for his ankles after tennis tournaments!

In LOVE with my Theragun G3Pro!

I had used my friends G2Pro several times & I really like the 2 speed option & additional attachments of the G3Pro. I am a Thai Massage Therapist & this is making a huge difference with my fatigue & is an essential part of my self-care. I'm also looking forward to getting my charging station which is on back order. Jared was personable & courteous when I ordered & called to check on my order. I will definitely recommend the Theragun G3Pro & Recovery for Athletes. :-)

So glad I bought the Theragun. It is so worth it!!

I love the Theragun. I am a big advocate of maintaining your mobility and have lots of tools from rollers to mobility ball of all shape and sizes. I get a massage monthly. The Theragun really helps save time and I use it because of how quickly it releases tight muscles. I also bring it to work and use it on my clients. The detachable batteries are awesome because I often need to change batteries in the middle of a session. The Pro version is so worth it. Shipping is fast and great communications.

Theragun G3Pro

Communication was quick and received the product in a timely manner. Would purchase from Recovery for Athletes again. Product is well built and with two batteries, able to work on whole body as needed.

Recovery Sleeves Compression Boots System
Perfect for post training and competition

I am a competitive cyclist and these boots have been a life changer. I can easily travel with them and use them in my hotel. Unlike other brands, these are actually affordable and I was incredibly impressed with the quality. They are completely portable so I can use them immediately post race and do not have to worry about finding an outlet to plug them into. I love my recovery sleeves!

Simple & Easy to Use.

Love it! Stows away easily.

Best Company to work with!

Hands down the best company I have ever worked with. The owners answer the phone every time and provided such amazing customer service. This is the perfect combination to help with my back pain.

A best!

Great service! Great produce!

Pso-Rite Psoas Muscle Release and Self Massage Tool

Feel so much better

These are high quality and much more affordable than normatec. I like how strong they are and they are comfortable. Perfect for after long cycling rides.

Worked very well on my knee.


I have been having a problem for about three years now, spent unbelievable money on new mattresses and massages and chiropractor, this is the first time I could actually feel something target the actual problem behind my pain! Amazing invention to say the least!

G3 Pro

I have the TimTim, Hypervolt and G3 Pro, and the G3 Pro is definitely my go to. Almost as quiet as the Hypervolt, and better percussion that the TimTam


The TheraGun really releases my tight muscles and gets into spots I can’t roll out or stretch well enough. The feel is sleek and does not feel cheap. Also, very powerful, I just keep it on the first setting and it gets the job done!


My company TipTop Training and Rehab has used the Theragun for the past few months. It’s small quiet and very powerful which helps in any deep tissue issues. I love the portable feature as I travel with my clients to tournaments I would highly recommend the Theragun for professional or personal use. CEO TipTop Training and Rehab

theragun g3 pro

great product..helping me with sore body parts...

Very good

It’s very good, but you can’t bring the battery to the plane. What should I do? Can you solve this problem for me? Maybe use a plug-in box.

Hi Swen, You are allowed to bring it on the plane. Since it is a lithium battery you can bring it on the plane with you in a carry on. You cannot check it under the plane.

TheraGun G3Pro Professional Percussive Therapy Massager Package

Best investment!!

My nephew had a theragun pro3 and three days after using his I ordered mine. I ordered it from Recovery for athletes instead of the manufacturer because of quicker shipping, no sales tax and no charge for shipping. Saved about $40 and received mine 5 days after ordering! Very satisfied.

Quick processing, easy tracking, 100% satisfied

Will order from them again, thank you!

TheraGun G3Pro

Best customer service from Recovery For Athletes and best massage Gun on the market!! Had major pain in lower back and now it’s gone! Feel 100% better and totally worth the money!!!

TheraGun G3Pro

I love it, best investment I have ever made into my own personal health. Helps me gain more flexibility, and increases my range of motion.

Great customer service

I want to thank Jared for the help, my theragun that i needed for work shipped the day i ordered it and arrived by the end of the week! He made sure to make note that it was a emergency delivery and was expedited!! Thank you again recovery team for the awesome customer service! Even the theragun official website said it would take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to ship, but recovery for atheletes shipped it the day i ordered it! Thanks again guys!!!

Love the Theragun G3Pro. It is much quieter than G2. Recovery for Athletes was great in communicating with me on when i will be receiving my product. Great service and experience.

TheraGun G3Pro Professional Percussive Therapy Massager Package

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