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Infinity Massage Chairs

About Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity Massage Chairs boasts a legacy of unwavering excellence. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of New Hampshire's coast, health and wellness echo as core values in the company's ethos. This outstanding achievement stems from a dedication to enhancing the quality of life, driven by a leadership team possessing over 60 years of collective experience in product design, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics. The executive leaders play a pivotal role right from the product's conceptualization to its market debut. Moreover, the commitment to quality is evident with the 100+ strong workforce, all of whom partake in at least two massages weekly as part of the quality control process. With several distribution centers dotting the nation, Infinity ensures timely and hassle-free drop shipping for consumers.

Commitment to Quality

Every Infinity massage chair emerges after rigorous months of engineering and innovation. Recognizing the magnificence and reliability of these chairs is second nature.

Leading Through Innovation

As pioneers in introducing novel technologies, Infinity has showcased groundbreaking features such as reflexology, space-saving mechanics, 3D/4D massage, and inversion therapy, with promising innovations on the horizon.

Diverse Solutions for All

Understanding the diverse needs of individuals, a plethora of chair models have been crafted to cater to varied lifestyles, physiques, and health objectives. Support comes in the form of easy "quick start" manuals, video guidance, and amiable telephonic assistance.

Promoting a Culture of Wellness

Wellness isn't just a service; it's integral to the company's environment. By ensuring a tranquil and joyous workspace, and integrating massage chairs into daily routines, a wholesome atmosphere is nurtured. Such a harmonious culture not only uplifts the team but also reinforces the foundation of the enterprise.

Massage Chair FAQs

  • Why are your chairs considered superior? - Being at the pinnacle of innovation in the massage chair sector, Infinity designs with the newest and most advanced features, ensuring a unique massage journey. Detail-oriented craftsmanship, quality checks, and design evolution result in The Ultimate Massage Experience.
  • Which Infinity chair suits me? - Filtering options under the Massage Chair tab facilitate identifying the right massage chair. Just sort by desired features and compare chair specifics effortlessly.
  • What is the longevity of the chair? - Manufactured with robust construction and top-notch engineering, Infinity Massage Chairs promise lasting durability. Proper upkeep ensures numerous years of health benefits. There's confidence in offering a five-year structural warranty, three years for parts, and a year of in-home labor. Options to extend the parts and labor warranty up to five years are available too.
  • Considering its size, will the chair fit inside my residence? - Both reclined and upright dimensions are detailed under the Specifications tab on each product page. A majority of Infinity chairs come with innovative space-saving features. Some even have the Zero Wall Fit mechanism, permitting a 2" wall proximity during full recline.
  • Where is the chair's origin? - While parts originate from China, assembly majorly happens within the United States to maintain quality standards. Each model is also tailored to meet diverse customer and lifestyle needs.
  • How user-friendly is the remote? - Each remote is crafted for simplicity and ease. For guidance, video tutorials on remotes are available on each chair's product page under the Video tab. An exhaustive list is accessible in the video library under the Support menu.
  • Available chair colors? - Black and brown are top favorites. However, some models showcase intricate color combinations, which can be viewed on respective product pages.
  • Recommended frequency and duration for chair usage? - For novices, 10 to 15-minute sessions, two to three times daily, is advised. Over time, as familiarity grows, durations can be increased. Typically, a daily 30-minute session is optimal for regular users.
  • Why might the chair cause discomfort?Excessive use or very high intensity levels might result in significant discomfort. It's best to initiate any new routine gradually. Adjustments to massage duration, depth, and intensity can be made using the manual modes. Should unease persist even after moderation, seeking medical advice is recommended.
  • Is intensity customization possible? - Absolutely. Airbag pressure modifications can be made in Manual settings. Certain models equipped with 3D, 4D, or Syner D technology offer further adjustments in roller intensity and depth.
  • Enumerate health perks of massage chairs. - Research indicates bi-weekly 15-minute sessions can enhance calmness and alertness while reducing anxiety and job-related stress. Further studies link massage chair usage to decreased blood pressure and sugar levels. Additionally, pain and tension alleviation, including reduced headaches and muscle tightness, have been observed.