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Svago Zero Gravity Chairs

Svago Zero Gravity Recliners

Defining relaxation is at the heart of "Svago," which translates to relaxation in Italian. But what embodies true relaxation? It might be found in the embrace of pure comfort amidst unparalleled aesthetics.

One might discover the essence of relaxation in a Svago chair.

The Origin of Svago

Svago was established on the principle of appreciating the advantages of Zero Gravity seating. Yet, the available products didn't resonate with that appreciation. Thus, a distinctive chair was designed, from its shaped beech wood frame to the removable memory foam headrest and every detail in between.

Mastering Comfort and Functionality

This masterpiece not only offers the perks of Zero Gravity but also integrates massage and heat functionalities. All of these come together in a top-quality recliner that seamlessly blends into daily life.

Discover Your Ideal Zero Gravity Chair

At Svago, every zero gravity chair is crafted to heal and rejuvenate. However, each offers distinct features and pricing to cater to unique preferences.

  • The Newton represents the premium tier, boasting three motors, full-body memory foam, regal top grain leather, and an air cell massage capability. This gives the sensation of 15 simultaneous massages. A relaxing escape is just a button press away.
  • The ZGR embodies the timeless zero gravity chair. It comes with two motors, neck and lumbar memory foam coupled with high-density poly-foam, faux leather, and a high-frequency vibration massage to alleviate muscle tension and discomfort.
  • The Lite is an affordable yet powerful zero-gravity solution. It is fitted with a single motor, high-density poly-foam, faux leather, and a high-frequency vibration massage feature, ensuring muscle relaxation and comfort.
  • The Swivel marries luxury with innovation. Not only is it a visual delight, but it also introduces an intelligent 280-degree swivel feature, setting it apart from other offerings.

With four distinct zero gravity massage chairs on offer, Svago ensures there's a chair that resonates with every individual's style, requirements, and budget. Embark on a journey to find the zero gravity massage chair that harmonizes with your space and spirit.

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