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Our Story

Recovery for Athletes was formed to provide the absolute best recovery equipment and tools to athletes and professionals from all over. As a kid growing up, I played all sports. I was competitive and I hated losing. As high school approached I decided to solely focus on a tennis career and try to continue it in college. Determined to be the best athlete out on the court I worked hard. Unfortunately I ended up working too hard and began to get injured because of it. I was eating well, getting a good nights sleep but I was still waking up fatigued and sore. This lead to taking weeks off of playing the sports I loved because I could not stay healthy. 

Then one day I went to train with a different coach and he had me go through a whole warm up and cool down routine pre and post practice. He brought out products that I had never seen before but they changed my life. This is when I knew that I had to bring these athletic recovery products to everyone. It changed my life and it can change yours. Being properly activated and recovered is the key to longevity in sports. 

- Sincerely, Jared (Co-Founder and CEO)


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