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TheraSauna Infrared Saunas

TheraSauna® prioritizes crafting saunas with the finest components and features. Each sauna reflects meticulous attention to detail and superior quality. The industry-renowned aspen hardwood enhances the sauna's value, combined with multiple features, highlighting TheraSauna® as the premier choice. Observe how TheraSauna® and TheraSauna® Classic fare against competitors.

QCA Spas, the pioneering force behind TheraSauna®, is one of America's most established spa companies. Known for introducing patented spa therapies for pain and stiffness alleviation and fostering healthier lifestyles, these principles are ingrained in TheraSauna® Infrared Health Saunas. In 1995, the Stable Heat™ System of TheraSauna® achieved its inaugural patent. Presently, multiple patents and pending patents, including the MPS Infrared Control System™, distinguish TheraSauna®. Accredited and endorsed by ETL in both the US and Canada (recognized under the Quad Cities Automatic Pools, Inc. name), TheraSauna® is also pursuing registration with the Food and Drug Administration for Infrared Health devices. Signifying unwavering commitment to quality, these saunas are meticulously handcrafted in the USA, with Dewitt, Iowa housing the manufacturing plant.

Unparalleled Ceramic TheraMitters

TheraSauna®'s exclusive high-glass content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters™, stands out from conventional ceramic heaters. Unlike tubular ceramic heaters that merely use a thin ceramic coat over wire and metal, TheraMitter™ boasts genuine solid ceramic, free from any metal rods. In the vast sauna industry, only TheraSauna® offers such authentic solid ceramic TheraMitters™.

Common ceramic heater comparisons often overlook the variations among ceramic types, concentrating only on tubular ceramic heaters. Such evaluations neglect solid-ceramic TheraMitters™, opting instead for comparisons with tubular and rod heaters. Despite tubular ceramic and rod heater saunas declining in popularity, TheraMitters™, being 96% efficient, overshadow carbon fiber heaters. These carbon fiber alternatives, constructed from plastic sheets fortified with resins and epoxy glues, offer merely 55% efficiency, which dwindles over time. Given the unparalleled efficiency of TheraMitters™, it's unsurprising that competitors avoid referencing them.

The Healing Power of Far Infrared

Embrace the sun's therapeutic energy. Far infrared, an unseen part of the sun's spectrum, is vital to plants, animals, and humans. This energy form warms muscles and tissues directly, bypassing the air. Our bodies generate infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair. At times, the body's infrared energy requires enhancement to ensure optimal healing. This enhancement, termed resonant absorption, allows the body to absorb infrared selectively. Hospitals often use these completely safe far infrared rays to warm newborns.