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Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Recovery System

Take Ice and Compression Therapy to the Next Level

Stop wasting time filling your bathtub with ice and start speeding up your recovery time with the Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Recovery Pants System. Endorsed by top NFL, NBA, and MLS athletes, this portable ice bath therapy system eliminates the need for those tedious and uncomfortable ice baths by circulating ice water around your entire lower body while keeping your skin completely dry. This revolutionary cryo-compression recovery system incorporates two of the most important and advanced forms of athlete recovery therapy; ice and compression. The full Aquilo Recovery System includes a control unit, one handmade Italian recovery pant, a rechargeable battery, wall charger, carry case, drain hose, and instruction manual. Did we mention this cryo-compression therapy system is also completely portable? So whether you’re at home recovering from a long day at the gym, or in the middle of a late-season road trip, the Aquilo Recovery System can easily come along for the ride.

For those of you who already own this amazing recovery system or looking to add it to your team training room, we offer the Battery, Ice Machine Control Unit, and Cryo-Compression Recovery Pants separately. Each pant comes in various sizes to fit any size athlete, while the battery has 6 to 8 uses per charge.

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