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BioSteel commits to offering the healthiest and most reliable sports hydration products available. Designed for pro-athletes, upcoming stars, weekend enthusiasts, or daily routines, BioSteel represents an ideal hydration solution. This superior hydration choice is now widely recognized.


  • How does BioSteel stand out in hydration? - BioSteel emphasizes the development of the healthiest sports hydration and nutrition available. The Hydration mix comprises: 5 vital electrolytes for swift and optimal hydration, no sugar, utilizing stevia for health-focused hydration, a blend of B vitamins to aid energy production, Essential Amino Acids for combating physical and mental fatigue, and purely natural ingredients sourced from nature.
  • What's the optimal time to drink the Hydration Mix? - This mix is suitable for consumption pre, mid, and post-exercise to maintain hydration. It's also an excellent hydration method throughout the day. It can rejuvenate mornings or accompany travel schedules, ensuring constant revitalization.
  • Why might BioSteel's color alter when left outdoors? Is it spoiled? - Derived from fruits and vegetables, the colors in the Hydration Mix naturally diminish when exposed to sunlight. It's entirely natural! For optimal use, adhere to label instructions and store in a cool, dry place shielded from sunlight.
  • Can the Hydration Mix function as a pre-workout or energy beverage? - The Hydration Mix is a distinct blend free from sugar and stimulants. Its blend of minerals, B-vitamins, and amino acids fosters proper hydration, energy production, and muscle recovery, optimizing performance. This mix is neither an energy beverage nor a pre-workout formula; it's a wholesome hydration solution.
  • What's the significance of electrolytes? - Electrolytes have several crucial roles within the body. Overconsuming water without balancing with electrolytes can disrupt this balance, which can have health and performance consequences. The Hydration Mix offers 5 essential electrolytes from effective sources such as Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, and Calcium.
  • Does the Hydration Mix from BioSteel contain sugar? - Sugar isn't mandatory for hydration. Furthermore, most athletic and active persons rarely exhaust glycogen to a point where sugar replenishment during activity becomes necessary. Healthy carbohydrate sources are preferred over added sugars. Considering its negative effects such as dehydration, energy dips, and health impacts, BioSteel opts for natural stevia extract over sugar, ensuring hydration and health simultaneously.
  • Can drinking the Hydration Mix interrupt fasting? - Fasting definitions vary. Typically, the Hydration Mix might retain a metabolic fasting state as it lacks added sugars that could drastically elevate insulin levels.
  • Why is hydration vital? - Comprising 60% water, our body heavily relies on it for biological functions. Water loss from breathing, sweating, and various activities is continuous. Dehydration can impair power generation, mental processes, and stamina. Choosing BioSteel's Hydration Mix or Sports Drink ensures optimal liquid intake and preservation.