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BlazePod Speed and Agility Training

BlazePod is a smart reaction training platform. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, healthy or recovering, young or old, BlazePod unequivocally improves your reaction time & agility in sports performance, fitness, and therapy in the most engaging and exciting way. How? With BlazePod’s interactive app and innovative light-up pods that encourage physical & cognitive growth.

Each pod features 8 RGB color options, is water-resistant and Bluetooth enabled to pair with your smartphone and app.

Along with the pods you also get access to the amazing BlazePod app that features a large catalog of workouts designed for specific activities and to push you to the limit.

Pick up one of our BlazePod bundles or kits today and turn your workout into something you want to play, not do.

BlazePod FAQ's

What is BlazePod?

BlazePod serves as a comprehensive reaction training system, steering your training journey from initiation to completion. Integrate your Pods into various training phases like activation, strength & conditioning, skill development, and recovery to amplify training with visual signals that challenge you and your trainees. Explore the BlazePod App to select from pre-designed activities or create, save, and share your custom ones. Dive into diverse training features, precisely measure performance, scrutinize immediate data for areas needing enhancement, and take actionable steps!

Who is BlazePod for?

BlazePod is versatile and user-friendly, catering to a wide audience from athletes to physical therapists, and everyone in between!

Which iOS and Android versions does BlazePod Support?

BlazePod app is compatible with Android devices running version 8 or above and iOS devices operating on version 14 or higher.

How many Pods can I connect to simultaneously?

Utilizing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, the BlazePod system is compatible with nearly all Apple devices, some of which can connect to up to 14 Pods. Android device compatibility may vary.