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ChiliSleep Will Help You Sleep Better

The science is clear. We sleep deeper with increased recovery at a cooler body temperature. The ChiliPad sleep systems leverage water’s thermal powers so you can sleep at your ideal temperature throughout the night to provide better sleep, guaranteed.

Never wake up sweaty again.

89% of ChiliPad users say they sleep cool or neutral thanks to the ChiliPad sleep systems. Banish hot flashes & night sweats for good.

Get the deep sleep you crave.

95% of ChiliPad users report improved sleep while using the ChiliPad sleep systems. Not surprising since science proves we sleep deeper when we sleep cool.

Wake up rested & energized.

96% of ChiliPad customers use the ChiliPad sleep systems year-round as a sleep solution. Getting better sleep each night lowers anxiety and stress as well as a host of other health issues.

Temperature regulated mattress topper

Experience unparalleled comfort with the ChiliPad water-based cooling and warming mattress topper, meticulously regulating your bed temperature between 55-115°F to ensure your sleep is at its optimal temperature.

Seamlessly compatible with various mattress types and heights, it doesn’t sacrifice mattress comfort. It circulates water through the control unit, is effortless to install, and boasts 100% machine washable and dryable design. With no electrical connections or wires, it emits absolutely zero EMFs.

Designed for one sleeper or two

Are varied sleeping temperatures causing a nightly thermostat battle between you and your sleep partner? Consider the ChiliPad dual-zoned (WE) option to bring peace to your slumbers.

If you require temperature control solely for one side of the bed, opt for the ChiliPad half-bed, single-zone option (ME) available at approximately 50% of the price.

Schedule automated temperature changes

The Dock Pro allows you to schedule precise temperature changes to match your preferences for a warm or cool bed. Flip your “sleep switch” with warmth to trigger sleep, then schedule cool comfort for deep sleep support all night long.