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MX Select

MX Select Adjustable Barbell and Dumbbell Sets

The hardest part about setting up a home gym is finding the right space. Most people don't have the extra square footage for a full weight set plus cardio equipment and any other pieces of equipment they may want. That is why MX Select created the ultimate free weight set.

The MX Select MX55 adjustable dumbbells and the MX80 adjustable barbell set is designed to compact it fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Gone is the need for plates and plates of weights. The MX Select Adjustable weight system offers pro-style features you would expect from gym quality fixed dumbbells and barbells, including safety, durability, and rapid weight selection.

With a full range of selectable weight, the MX80 barbell system replaces 26 fixed bars or 1140 lbs of weights, while the MX55 dumbbells replace a 10 piece dumbbell set.