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Penguin Chillers

Penguin Chillers FAQ's

What's the lowest temerature the Chiller or controller will go?

Penguin Chillers’ lowest recommended operating temperature is 37° Fahrenheit. Many customers still ask us if their unit can chill lower than 37° F. Our answer would be yes it can however, we strongly recommend not continuously running your water chiller lower than a set point of 37° F. On 5 gallons of water, we tested and reached temperatures down to 36° F. Keep in mind that the temperature your chiller is capable of reaching is completely dependent upon your chillers’ setup. Factors such as your goal temperature, the amount of liquid you’re cooling and its heat load plus the ambient conditions in which your chiller is being used are all variables that contribute directly to the temperature your unit will be able to achieve.

Is there a tank or reservoir built into the chiller? If so what size is it?

Penguin Chillers’ line of water chillers DO NOT contain built-in tanks or reservoirs. The internal piping and exchanger holds less than 1/2 gallon of water.

How loud is the Chiller when running?

Penguin Chillers operate at a relatively quiet level. Our general customer feedback is, “the chiller runs much quieter than expected”. The DBA sound ratings for our chilling units are provided on each individual product page where available.

How much heat does the Chiller put out?

The function of a chiller, or any refrigeration unit, is to remove heat from one area and move it to another. A water chiller is removing heat from the liquid being chilled and disbursing it out into the air surrounding the unit. The amount of heat going out into the air is directly related to how much heat is needing to be removed from the liquid. As you can see, this question is difficult to directly answer.

Does a Chiller need to be ventilated?

Ventilation is required for proper heat transfer. A chiller cannot properly function if placed in a small enclosed space such as a cabinet or closet. Remember, the chiller is removing heat from the liquid being chilled and disbursing it out into the surrounding air. When the excesses heat can no longer be disbursed out into the air, the chiller is unable to provide any additional cooling. Proper ventilation also allows your chiller to run less, which actually makes it operate more efficiently. Depending on the chiller purchased, you’ll need anywhere from 6” to 12” of open space on all sides of the chiller to provide proper ventilation. If you question how much room your specific chiller requires, please contact our support team.

Why has my Chiller stalled at 40F - 45F and will not go any lower?

Usually when this happens, your first thought is that the chiller isn’t working correctly. Most of the time that is actually not the case! So first we need to determine if it’s actually the chiller or something else that is causing your temperature issues. If your chiller is maintaining its set point and kicking off and on normally then it’s most likely not the chiller causing the issue. However, if the chiller is running constantly and still can not get down to your desired temperature, then it could be an issue with your chiller or set up.

Do the Chillers come with a built in pump?

Apart from the Cold Therapy Chiller, Penguin Chillers do not have built in pumps. Because our chillers can be used in such a wide variety of configurations, it is up to the customer to provide the number of pumps needed for their chilling project. Penguin Chillers offers a wide variety of pumps for both Water and Glycol Chillers.

What size or type of pump should i use in my Chiller?

We provide a recommended pump size to ensure the chiller has enough flow to keep water from freezing in the unit and not too much flow which can create an over pressurization in the chiller. We typically recommend using a 500 gph to 1,800 gph pump in order to achieve a minimum measurable flow of at least 250 gph. A pump needs to be sized to compensate for loss of flow due to pipe length, fittings, and head height. A common misconception is that the size of a pump determines how efficiently the chiller will run. With the exception of a diaphragm pump, most pumps that can provide the appropriate flow rate needed should be suitable for use. Typically, submersible pumps are selected and used for their simplicity. Penguin Chillers offers a full line of submersible Danner water pumps that range in size from 500 gph up to 3600 gph.

Do the Chillers function as heaters too?

Penguin Chillers line of both Water and Glycol Chilling units DO NOT offer heating capabilities. Our chillers specialize in quiet efficient cooling because WE KNOW COLD!

Can my Chiller be installed and used outside?

The cold therapy chillers can be used indoors and outdoors, except in freezing conditions.

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