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Polar Monkeys

Polar Monkeys Brainpod XL Cold Plunge Tub
Contrast Therapy: Contrast (Hot/Cold) Immersion Therapy and the Benefits for Athletes
Polar Monkeys The Portal Cold Plunge Tub

A life-changing minute. Powerful Cold Plunge.

After years of suffering from injuries, low energy, poor concentration and frequent mood changes, I desperately researched and tried every treatment and tool that I could find. From surgeries to meditation, diets, supplements and exercise. Out of everything I tried, exercise and physical activity seemed to make me feel the best; however, severe chronic spine and shoulder injuries would prevent me from maintaining any sort of moderate to intense movement practice. The long rest periods required by my injuries and surgeries had noticeable, negative-effects on my mental and physical health. Shortly after rest periods, my energy levels, ability to focus and mood swings would worsen significantly. The other tools I’ve used like meditation and diets, have always been difficult for me to stick to for long periods of time; I’ve always found meditation boring and strict diets sad and difficult. Nevertheless, one day, during my desperate search, I read about cold therapy and decided to try it. So I drove to the nearest grocery store and bought enough ice to make an ice-bath in a large garbage bin. A couple of minutes after filling the tub with water and ice, the water temperature dropped to about 50 degrees F; so I took a couple of deep breaths, got in the tub and stayed there for just over a minute. It was one of the most intense minutes I’d ever experienced, the benefits where noticeable immediately and lasted for hours. Energy levels where high, mood and focus where excellent and pain levels decreased significantly. Also, all my worries seemed to fade significantly; probably when compared to the difficulty I just endured, they seemed smaller. After a couple more cold-water sessions I was very happy with the benefits and became addicted. The only problem was that going to the grocery store and buying ice every time was time consuming and expensive. Every session cost nearly $40 worth of ice and I had to use more than 10 large bags of ice in order to get the temperature below 50. So the next logical step was to buy a cold plunge. After comparing the available brands, I noticed that the cheapest one I could find was nearly $5,000. Therefore, I decided to build my own plunge doing plumbing work on a stock tank and using the same chillers, filter, ozone generator, etc. most other brands where using. I ended up spending nearly half of what these other products were going for. It wasn’t my intention to sell them; but guests at my house where frequently extremely interested in my project. As everyone shared their positive experiences using my plunge, I became increasingly motivated to start selling them and having more people enjoy the benefits of cold therapy. That’s when I started to take this project to the next level and decided to make the most affordable and best quality cold plunge systems on the market. So I hired the best designers, engineers and artists I could find to help me on this project and hence Polar Monkeys.