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Tyent USA

Tyent USA

In the journey to craft the industry's premier water ionization system, a pivotal choice presented itself. Would it be viable to make economical choices and perhaps sacrifice quality? Or should the approach prioritize the utilization of top-tier, state-of-the-art, enduring components, establishing Tyent as the ultimate option for discerning individuals and their families?

Why Opt for Tyent?

Industry-leading Plate Surface Area

Tyent's 9-plate, 11-plate, and 13-plate water ionizer units boast the industry's most extensive, densest, and finest plates. Expansive plates translate to augmented power, enhanced alkaline and acidic water potential, and amplified pH levels, positioning Tyent as a frontrunner in delivering the market's most potent negative ORP. These medical-grade titanium plates undergo several platinum dips and baking processes, ensuring stellar performance and lasting durability. Notably, Tyent pioneered the 9-plate water ionizer in the United States and continued its innovative streak by introducing both types of at-home 11-plate units, and recently, the 13-plate variant for household application.

Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate Design

Every Tyent Water Ionizer showcases the medical-grade Solid/Mesh Hybrid plate design. This design melds the robustness of solid plates with the vast surface area of mesh plates. Tyent's elite engineers initiated the plate-making journey with the industry's thickest and longest plates, then seamlessly integrated advanced electrolysis distribution techniques for peak electrical conductivity.

Many ionizers employ either solid or mesh plates. However, Tyent's engineers found both configurations lacking. Solid plates are sturdy, yet they don't ensure optimal electrical distribution. This is because electrical currents gravitate towards edges, which results in a solid plate's current being concentrated around its periphery.

Advanced SMPS PLUS® Power System

Traditional power supply units, particularly the linear PSUs with bulky transformers, are heavy and susceptible to overheating. Their rudimentary design, originating from the early 20th century, doesn't permit voltage variability. Although outdated and less efficient than contemporary designs, some ionizer brands still resort to PSUs due to their cost-effectiveness.

SMPS is a technology that powers modern devices like flat screen TVs and laptops. Relative to linear PSUs, SMPS systems are more compact, lighter, and efficient. Tyent's engineering team took this a notch higher, optimizing the traditional SMPS for water ionizers. This revamped unit, dubbed the SMPS Plus, equips users with 55 adjustable power settings to customize their alkaline water. Its superior efficacy allows Tyent ionizers to generate potent alkaline and acidic waters without relying on chemicals.

Unparalleled Filtration Efficiency

Clean water is paramount to truly reap the benefits of alkaline hydrogen water consumption.

Tyent Water Ionizers are equipped with dual filters, embodying a nuanced multi-stage system that purifies source water from pollutants and harmful contaminants. Tyent Ultra filters utilize a .01 micron filter medium, akin to those in kidney dialysis equipment. These filters are also the largest in their class.

Size significantly influences the purity of ionized water. The expansive filters allow water to traverse them lengthwise, meaning the water remains in contact with the filter longer. The more filter medium water traverses, the purer it becomes. In filtration efficiency, Tyent water ionizers are unmatched.

Exclusive Super Water Production

The term "Super Water" was popularized by Tyent, and the company remains the only manufacturer boasting the vast Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates, with the requisite power to produce Super Water devoid of chemicals. For instance, Tyent's 11-plate units span a pH range of 2.0 to 12.0, while the 13-plate variants range from 1.7 to 12.5 on the pH scale.

Water registering a pH between 2.3–3.5 serves as a natural disinfectant. In contrast, water with a pH exceeding 10 is ideal for removing oil-based pesticides and herbicides from produce, stain removal, and culinary purposes.

*Considering your source water, the brand-new Tyent UCE-13 Turbo and ACE-13 Turbo water ionizers can reach a negative ORP level of up to -1150 ORP.

Internationally Recognized Certifications

Tyent's production facility proudly holds ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. The International Standards Organization (ISO) endorses facilities for consistent quality in manufacturing processes. ISO accreditation assures minimal defect rates and signifies a safe and eco-friendly operational environment.

Power Ranging from 550 to 750 Watts

Tyent's 9-plate and 11-plate models are unparalleled in power within the industry. The amalgamation of this power and Tyent's Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates leads to ionized water with the most therapeutic attributes. Elevated power in an ionizer ensures the generation of Super Waters in a diverse array of source waters without chemical assistance.

Highly Customizable Settings

Tyent USA pioneered the introduction of water ionizers with complete adjustability across each alkaline and acidic preset.

The sophisticated computerized SMPS Plus power scheme by Tyent offers 55 adjustable power settings. This allows users to tailor-make the ideal glass of ionized alkaline water, regardless of their water source.

Every tap water source possesses distinct characteristics. Tyent's sophisticated control system guarantees optimal performance, adjusting to each unique source water. With Tyent's adjustability features, pristine water is attainable everywhere.

Intuitive One-Touch Operation

Tyent machines stand out as the industry's sole true one-touch technology bearers. A single tap on any icon on the control panel instantly delivers purified, healthful water. The simplicity of Tyent water ionizers makes them user-friendly for all age groups.

Cost Effectiveness

Opting for bottled water is notably costlier than investing in a water ionizer. On average, Tyent Water is priced around six cents per glass. Consuming Tyent Water is not only economical compared to bottled water but also eco-friendly. With a Tyent water filter attached to your tap, an endless supply of purified water is just a button away.