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York Barbell

York Barbell

The York Barbell brand stands as a pillar in the weightlifting community from its very beginnings. The legacy of York Barbell Company, alongside its famed Olympic weightlifting team - The York Barbell Club, has significantly contributed to the annals of weightlifting, pioneering equipment, and the nutritional supplement domain.

Gym Equipment & Workout Products by York Barbell:

Over eight decades in the past, York Barbell charted the path for the fitness domain with innovative product designs, education, competitions, and support for athletes. The International Weightlifting Federation honored Bob Hoffman with the title "Father of World Weightlifting." In 1932, he established York Barbell and swiftly embarked on initiating many exercise principles that are widely recognized today.

Bob Hoffman, an avid author of numerous books and articles, fervently advocated the advantages of exercising. His efforts played a crucial role in endorsing fitness practices within military ranks and to society at large. Under Hoffman's guidance, York Barbell Company was at the forefront, crafting some of the earliest exercise equipment in the market. Venturing into the health food realm, Hoffman launched a series of nutritional supplements during the early 1950s and formulated the inaugural energy bar by 1966.

Spanning the years from the 1930s to the 1970s, York Barbell showcased its prowess through its Olympic lifting squads. The esteemed York Barbell Club marked its supremacy in the Olympic domain, boasting over 40 national titles and a roster of Olympic Gold Medalists.

Today's Legacy

Presently, the York Barbell Company's main headquarters also serves as the esteemed venue for the official Weightlifting Hall of Fame and Museum, located in York, Pennsylvania.

Throughout its illustrious journey, York Barbell has been at the forefront of redefining training equipment and product designs. From pioneering glove barbell concepts to present-day precision-engineered plates, innovative grip designs, meticulously designed bars, and top-tier residential and commercial free weight apparatus, York Barbell has continually elevated benchmarks in aesthetics, functionality, and worth.

Barbells & Collars

For both commercial spaces and personal home gyms, York offers a range of weight bars tailored to every need. The vast spectrum of unique features in York’s bars, combined with their outstanding quality and value, promises to cater to diverse requirements.

Manufactured with North American steel, these weight bars uphold York Barbell's long-standing reputation for strength and durability. The decision to opt for a training bar, competition bar, or a specialty variant guarantees that your choice reflects decades of expertise and superior craftsmanship.

As a testament to York's claim of being ‘The Strongest Name in Fitness’, their barbells boast a tensile strength ranging from 160,000PSI to 190,000PSI post heat treatment. For those seeking a bar equipped with ferrous bushings and unique sleeve lubrication for smooth rotation or one that is machine-finished with needle bearings to minimize friction, York has the perfect fit.

Moreover, York presents a variety of collar styles to pair with your chosen bar, ensuring plate security with convenience. Ranging from stainless steel spring clip collars to cast iron Olympic speed collars, every pair embodies York's quality commitment.

York's legacy of unparalleled quality and value is evident in their vast selection of bars and collars. Your choices write your narrative. By choosing York Barbell, you become a part of an enduring legacy. What narrative will you craft?

Weight Plates & Sets

Innovation thrives even within traditions. York Barbell's nearly century-long journey of setting industry benchmarks stands as a testament to this philosophy. While deeply rooted in the annals of American weightlifting, York continues to shape the fitness industry's future.

This dedication to tradition and forward-thinking has birthed York's diverse range of Olympic and standard plates. Offering multiple grip, finish, and style options, they cater to every preference and budget. Complete weight plate set packages from York also come bundled with their renowned bars and a pair of collars, providing an all-inclusive starting point. With York’s extensive plate designs and sets, your fitness requirements are well-addressed.

York Barbell plates strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Be it the vintage cast iron plates or the modern bumper grip plates, all are crafted to endure. Using materials like iron, rubber, and urethane, these plates promise long-lasting performance.

Always on the forefront with novel designs while also offering trusted classic products, York's offerings are rooted both in the past and the future.

Kettlebells & Medicine Balls

Though the era of traveling circuses has passed, their mesmerizing imagery remains. Visualize a strongman, captivating the audience with his impressive weightlifting feats, every motion exuding strength and efficiency.

You don't need a circus to train like a strongman. York Barbell provides a variety of kettlebells, medicine balls, and slam balls to enhance your performance. With a broad weight range, adjusting your regimen as you progress becomes effortless.


Built with cast iron, York kettlebells are designed for durability. Featuring an appealing black matte finish, they're easy to maintain and resist rust. The generously sized handles accommodate all users and promote grip strength over time.

Medicine Balls & Slam Balls

York’s medicine balls come with clear weight indicators and are color-coded by size. Designed with a textured surface to prevent slippage, York's heavy-duty rubber slam balls are perfect for throwing and slamming exercises. Built to withstand intensive workouts, York equipment ensures peak performance without any theatrics.

Power/Squat Racks & Equipment

York Barbell extends a diverse range of racks and equipment, suitable from light home usage to heavy-duty commercial applications. Spanning three distinct product lines, York caters to all fitness goals. Each line offers specific attachments to customize your training experience.

The Pro Series is crafted for home enthusiasts and features 13 gauge tubular steel for stability. Available attachments, like the Arm Curl and Leg Curl, enhance its versatility. The popular 204 Barbell Support stands out due to its adjustable width range of 30.5 inches to 49.5 inches.

The Fitness Training Series, tailored for light commercial use, is constructed with 12 gauge tubular steel. Various attachments, including the Lat Machine and the Power Cage, amplify its utility. Lastly, the Strength Training Series, the pinnacle of York's offerings, is designed for commercial settings. Built with 11.5 gauge steel, this line promises durability for rigorous, prolonged usage. Whether you're outfitting a personal space or a commercial gym, York ensures an efficient workout environment that stands the test of time.