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Power Plate Exercise Machine: 7 Vibration Machine’s Specs Compared

A fairly new innovation in the fitness world, but no less popular, vibration machines make exercising easier than ever before.

And, as always, pair the use of vibration machines with a healthy diet and regular exercise and users are witnessing amazing fitness results.


Well, for one, vibration machines are super fun and simple to use, making them a great way to exercise.

Although, perhaps more conclusively, early studies show that vibration as an exercise intervention enhances athletic performance and increases both athletic strength and power.

With this in mind, vibration machines like those manufactured by Power Plate might just be what you need to take your athletic journey to that next level.

So to help you out, we’ve done all the hard work and compiled everything you need to know about Power Plate exercise machines.

Power Plate Move Series

The Power Plate Move Series has been designed with both size and function in mind. These exercise machines are light enough to be moved around the home with ease without sacrificing features or fitness-boosting capabilities.

Power Plate My Series

The Power Plate My series picks up where the Move series left off, packing, even more, features into a vibration platform. All My series vibration platforms feature PrecisionWave Technology, user-friendly interactive displays, and, in the case of the my7, 250 customized programs with more than 1,000 individual exercises.

Power Plate Pro Series

The Power Plate Pro series has been built upon the back of decades of research and development, making these models the most effective vibration technology currently found anywhere on the market. All models feature a wide range of preset frequencies, time settings, and vibration increments, making it easier than ever before to reach your aspiring fitness goals.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to vibration machines, you simply can’t go past Power Plate. Their high-quality range, product features, and comprehensive warranties set them apart from all other exercise machines currently on the market.

If you wish to see more details on any of the mentioned vibration machines, be sure to check out our Power Plate range below.

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