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AirCast CryoCuff Cold Compression System

by AirCast
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$197.50 - $225.00
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AirCast CryoCuff Gravity Feed Cold Compression System

The AirCast CryoCuff Wrap is anatomically designed to completely cover the entire desired area. CryoCuff Wraps are perfect for reducing swelling and reducing pain with compression and cold therapy.

The CryoCuff easily attaches and detaches from the CryoCuff Cooler for uninterrupted treatment and ease of use.

Each package comes with your choice of wrap and the CryoCuff Gravity Feed Cooler. The cooler holds enough ice and water for 8 ours of cryotherapy. Simply fill up the cooler and place above the desired cryotherapy location and let gravity do the rest!

Anatomic cuff design

Provides complete coverage of affected area

Measured compression

Provides patient comfort

Simple, gravity-fed system

Designed for safety and ease of use; includes tube assembly and insulation disk

* Measure forefoot circumference

** Measure 6" above patella