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Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Unit

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Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Unit

The all new Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression unit provides both pneumatic compression and cold/hot water therapy all in one system. This ultra-advanced Cryo-Compression system revolutionizes what athletic recovery looks like. The Cryo-Compression Boots (not included) circulate cold water on your entire legs and feet, as well as adjustable pressure levels to provide even more relief, allowing you to recover faster and come back stronger. The cryotherapy and compression functions can be used independently or at the same time, making this machine a versatile and extremely useful recovery tool for any athlete. This machine is able to support 6 different compression chambers, with adjustable pressure up to 150mmHg.

Endorsed by the top athletes in the NBA, the NFL, the MLS, Tennis, Cycling, and many more; Aquilo Sports has been an industry leader in cryotherapy, and this is their most advanced system ever. Pair the Cryo-Compression unit with the Aquilo Heat Device to add heated compression therapy into your recovery routine.

Does not include Cryo-Compression Boots or tubes. Unit only.

Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Unit

Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Unit

Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Unit Features

  • Compression: pneumatic compression up to 150mmHg in 6 chambers
  • Lymphatic Draining and Constant Pressure modes/settings (users can use all or select chambers for compression)
  • Water-circulating pump to cryo or heat therapy options
  • Single or Dual Limb capability (for air); up to two users for water
  • Cryo and Compression modalities can be used simultaneously or independently

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