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Aquilo Sports Cryotherapy Unit

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Aquilo Sports Cryotherpy Unit

The all new Aquilo Sports Cryotherapy Unit provides the ultimate cryotherapy experience. This system pumps cold water through the Universal Arm/Leg Wraps or Recovery Pants (not included), circulating water around your arms or legs. The unit comes with a timer and temperature gauge built-in, so you can monitor your recovery and tailor it to your specific needs. Just like an ice bath, the cold water improves recovery time and reduces muscle pain, allowing you to come back faster and stronger. Just pour ice into the compartment and power up the machine to get professional-grade cryotherapy, wherever you need it.

Endorsed by the top athletes in the NBA, the NFL, the MLS, Tennis, Cycling, and many more; Aquilo Sports has been an industry leader in cryotherapy, and this is their most advanced system ever. Pair the Cryotherapy unit with the Aquilo Heat Device to add heated compression therapy into your recovery routine.

Does not include Arm/Leg Wraps, Recovery Pants, or tubes. Unit only.

Aquilo Sports Cryotherpy Unit

Aquilo Sports Cryotherpy Unit

Aquilo Sports Cryotherpy Unit Features

  • Water-circulating pump to cryo or heat therapy options
  • Single or Dual Limb capability; up to two users simultaneously
  • Timer and temperature gauge built-in
  • Drain hole built-in

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