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Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate

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Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate is a clean, minimally processed protein powder with only 7 real food ingredients. All this means it's as close to real food as protein powders will get. The natural ingredients leave you without that artificial sweetener aftertaste, making this a protein you'll actually want to drink.

Eggs are the the World Health Organization (WHO) gold standard for protein. They are 80% protein, contain all the essential amino acids in abundance and are far closer to real food than highly processed whey or plant based powders. However, They froth up into meringue when shaken and have a bad, eggy taste that is hard to mask

Blonyx discovered a new filtering technology that could take all the bad taste out of egg whites, and even take out the frothiness too! After a good while playing with this technology we ended up with an egg white protein powder that has no taste to it. With just a few additional ingredients, we turned our egg whites into chocolate milk (with no milk or lactose in sight).