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Blonyx Hydra+

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Hydra+ is a versatile, science driven product with a focus on keeping you between 0-2% dehydrated. This a zone shown in studies to be optimal for athletic performance. Hydra+ contains the electrolytes you need to replace what is lost in sweat. Drinking it post training will kick start your recovery.

Hydra+ is made with real food ingredients like coconut water and fruit - peace of mind if you try to stick to clean eating. It has a crisp, light fruit juice like taste and is made with real organic cane sugar so there is no stevia or sucralose aftertaste.

If your training is going to be high intensity and short in duration (~1h): Mix 1 scoop with ~8oz water and sip through training or drink to thirst. This will prioritize electrolyte and energy replacement for faster recovery.

If your training is going to be lower intensity but for longer duration (~2h+) and/or in the heat: Mix 1 scoop with 16oz water for each hour of training, sip throughout and always drink to thirst.

The real fruit particles in Hydra+ may float to the top after mixing. This is normal.