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Chirp Wheel XL Super Comfort

by Chirp
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Chirp Wheel XL

Back popping, knot kneading relief that feels like heaven. Simply place the wheel in the middle of your back and roll. You'll be saying "Ahhh...I needed this" in no time. The Super Comfort Wheel XL has a wider base for added stability, and thicker foam for extra comfort as you ease the tension away.

The Super Comfort Wheel XL builds on all the benefits of the Chirp Wheel + with a wider 7” impact resistant base for added stability. 50% thicker foam for extra comfort as you ease the tension away. Providing a comfortable surface, perfect for sensitive backs and those looking for a reduction in pressure. Chirp's Patent pending Spinal Canal removes pressure off your spine allowing you to get a deep 4-way stretch that helps elongate your spine by relieving pressure between the joints to improve posture and mobility.


  • 7” width for extra balance support
  • Wider base disperses weight for gentle tension relief
  • Thicker foam provides extra comfort during myofascial release
  • Spinal Canal™ protects the spine from pressure
  • 4-way stretch relieves pressure between the spine's joints
  • Strengthens muscles while improving posture
  • Supports up to 500 lbs
Chirp Wheel XL - Super Comfort


Back pain relief has never been this easy, effective, or comfortable. With a wider base and thicker padding, you’ll think you’d died and gone to heaven when you roll out for the first time on the Chirp Super Comfort Wheel XL.

Chirp Wheel XL - Super Comfort
Chirp Wheel XL - Super Comfort

Why Super Comfort?

Not all backs are the same. Everyone deserves to experience the simple, effective, and oh-so-satisfying pain relief that the Chirp wheel has to offer, and the Super Comfort Wheel XL is designed with sensitive, tight, and larger backs in mind.

Balance Not Required.

Anyone can roll with ease on the Super Comfort Wheel. A wider base means supreme stability, but it’s still narrow enough to massage those hard-to-reach muscles around your spine unlike any other product can.

Chirp Wheel XL - Super Comfort
Chirp Wheel XL - Super Comfort


The 7 inch width of the Super Comfort Wheel fits right between your shoulder blades, applying pressure right where you need it most.


To protect your spine from injury and unnecessary pressure, we created the patent-pending spinal canal. This allows you to dig in deep to sore muscles while keeping your spine safe.


Even the most stubborn backs can’t help but relax when rolling on the Super Comfort wheel. Regular use will reduce your back pain by improving the flexibility and mobility of your spine and strengthening core muscles.



How does it Work?

Put simply, the Chirp Wheel puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine, stretching and strengthening those muscles while elongating the spine.

Is it different than a foam roller?

Yes. The Chirp wheel is different in two main ways:

  1. The 5” width applies pressure only where it’s needed.
  2. Different wheel sizes to apply different levels of pressure.

Is it FSA/HSA Eligible?

Yes! Though every FSA/HSA agency has different requirements, so check with them first.