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CLMBR Connected 02 Climbing Machine

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CLMBR Connected 02 Climbing Machine


CLMBR02 provides a high-intensity cardio workout while also building strength in 86% of your muscles. Never before has one machine offered so much. CLMBR02 provides a high-intensity cardio workout while also building strength in 86% of your muscles. Never before has one machine offered so much. CLMBR was built to balance modern functionality, efficient workouts, and beautiful design. It fits seamlessly in your space and decor. The machine requires less than 3 sq/ft, it is designed to fit almost all indoor spaces.


  • Handles That Move With You - The handles have a new degree of freedom that provides the user with more head clearance while the user is climbing in a squat-focused forward leaning posture.
  • Performance Delivered - The simplified center console now has a simplified weldment that improves the overall strength of the machine.
  • A Stable Base For Every Workout - The pedals now only require one fastener to install and utilize a press-fit pin to increase their overall strength. The pedal itself now prevents the pedal straps from getting tangled when the pedals are rotated.
  • On-Demand Guides - Our world-class guides will keep you motivated throughout your climb. More importantly, keeping it fun as you elevate yourself to new heights.
  • Touch Display + Dashboard - The new display has crisper graphics and high-quality optially bonded touch LED layer. An industry first, CLMBR offers a customizable home screen with over 36 widgets. Choose which real-time metrics are most important to you.
  • Superior Audio - The enhanced new display offers stunning visuals combined with the 2.1 surround sound system and Dolby-enhanced subwoofer provides room-filling sound.
  • Robust Hardware - Our new and improved display ensures crisper graphics, responsiveness, and processing power.
  • Connectivity - Every CLMBR comes fully equipped with WI-FI connectivity and modern bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly connect to other bluetooth enabled devices like fitness trackers and headphones.
CLMBR 02 Climbing Machine


Base Dimension: 35 in x 32 in
Height: 88 in; Fits any ceiling over 8 ft
Weight: 180 lbs
Base Dimension: 35 in x 32 in
Power: Wired connection
Materials: Cast + extruded aluminum
Handles: 1 in quick-adjust increments
Mobile app: Android + Apple
Pedals Oversized, textured; Straps optional
Mobility: Built-in wheels
Resistance: 11 settings
Step Length: 20 in (54 cm)
Reach Height: 20 in (54 cm)
Min User Height: 4 ft 11 in (1.49 m)
Max User Height: 7 ft (3.13 m)
Max User Weight 350 lbs (158 kg)
Power Source 120v
Screen 21" HD Touchscreen
Computer OS -
Audio Dolby Mini Surround
Drive Train Magnetic resistance
Bluetooth Frequency - 2.402 and 2.480 GHz Pairs with Amazon Echo Buds/AlexaPairs with heart rate monitorsPairs with CLMBR Mobile app for multi-user login