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Compex Fixx 1.0 Massager

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Fixx 1.0 Massager

Looking for a way to perform your best without worrying about sore or tight muscles? Your answer is the Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager! Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager is your go-to portable massage device that can help reduce sore or tight muscles before, during, or after your workout. Fixx™ 1.0 is easy to take with you, so you can help keep your body in performance-ready shape.

Its low-noise motor makes it easy to use whenever needed and the long-lasting, rechargeable battery makes it easy to take with you. With three speeds, you can use the massage device on various muscle types to aid in relief. Throw Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager in your gym bag and know your secret weapon to help recovery and perform better is within reach.

Compex Fixx 1.0 Massager

Compex Fix 1.0 Programs

  • Soft: For sensitive muscles, low speed can help alleviate knots and soreness while flushing out lactic acid.
  • Medium: For muscles that are not too small or sensitive, but don’t want a deep tissue massage, the medium setting can help reduce soreness and tight muscles without causing discomfort.
  • Firm: For larger muscles that need something similar to a deep tissue massage, the firm setting can help flush out the deep knots, lactic acid, and help loosen up tight muscles.

Compex Fix 1.0 Features

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