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Theragun Elite Percussion Massager (Gen 5)

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Theragun Elite Smart Percussive Therapy Device (5th Generation)

Deep, powerful massage with premium tech features + customizable control.

Theragun Elite will help you maximize your warm-up, recover quickly, decrease muscle fatigue and improve performance with its combination of scientifically-proven, powerful percussive massage therapy and all of the premium, customizable tech features you need to have complete control over your recovery. Its OLED screen displays real-time feedback of your massage speed and pressure and gives you the ability to customize and save your favorite time and speed settings directly to your device.

Fuel your active lifestyle with powerful massage. Theragun Elite delivers 16mm percussive massage therapy (our deepest level) to target serious muscle soreness for faster recovery and improved performance.

Theragun Elite Features

Theragun Elite Percussion Massager Black Being Used On Front Upper Leg
  • Powerful 16mm percussive massage therapy scientifically proven to maximize warm-up, decrease muscle fatigue and improve recovery
  • OLED screen with 5 speeds that displays real-time speed and force
  • Save 3 of your favorite speed and time settings from the Therabody app to your device for easy access
  • Premium, high-quality materials in a sleek, elegant design with USB-C charging
  • Unparalleled reliability with up to 60 lbs. of no-stall force
  • 5 scientifically designed attachments to target different areas: Dampener, Standard Ball, Thumb, Micro-point + Wedge
  • Patented triangle grip to reach more of your body than other devices
  • Bluetooth connected to the Therabody app for step-by-step guided routines and device customization
  • Follow guided Theragun routines in the Therabody app with science-backed tracks to help you relax, sleep, and recover.

Take complete control of your recovery.

Theragun Elite comes with 5 built-in speeds and an OLED screen that displays real-time speed and massage force, so you can seamlessly transition from light pressure on sensitive areas to deep muscle massage.

Optimize your treatment with the Therabody App.

Connect your Theragun Elite to the Therabody App, where you can follow step-by-step guided routines, save 3 of your favorite speed + time settings directly to your device and more. Download the app below.

Reach more of your body than other massagers.

Theragun Elite’s patented ergonomic triangle grip allows you to reach 80% of your body with multiple hand positions. Explore how to use each grip to treat aches and pains wherever they strike.

Theragun Elite Percussion Massager White Being Used On Back Upper Leg

What's included with Theragun Elite

What's Included With The Theragun Elite

  • Theragun Elite device
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Travel case
  • 5 science-backed attachments:
    • Micro-point - Increase circulation and stimulate recovery.
    • Dampener - Reduce aches and pains in tender or sensitive areas.
    • Wedge - For shoulder blades, IT bands, scraping and flushing.
    • Standard Ball - Reduce tension with an all-over body massage.
    • Thumb - Used mostly for trigger points and the lower back.

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