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DASHR|Blue 4-Gate System

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DASHR|Blue 4-Gate System

Introducing Dashr|Blue

The 4-Gate System contains 4 timing gates with hardware to support up to four tall timing gates (two regular tripods) and/or two short timing gate (two mini tripods). It can be used for dash and flying drills (including splits), pro-agility drills, T-test, lane agility drills, lap events, 5-0-5 agility, RAST, ect. Multiple drills can be ran at the same time. This system is designed for indoor and outdoor conditions - though Heat Shields are suggested for outdoor use. Add on Roster Spots (optional) for the number of athletes you are testing so that you can autmate saving your data to our Dashboard for online management/export!

Note that you are credited 10 FREE Roster Spots when you create your account, and you can always add more Roster Spots to your account if you run out

DASHR Pro-Agility Kit

Features & Benefits

  • About The System - The state-of-the-art athletic performance testing system that is revolutionizing the world of sports. With Dashr | Sprint, now you can automatically link test data to specific athletes!
  • How It Works - 1) Register an account with Dashr. 2) Create a roster and assign your athletes. 3)Upload your athlete's information to the Dashr Dashboard. 4) TEST! 5) Assign each athlete a number, or use wrist bands to automatically check-in at the testing station and their results are instantly recorded! 6) Jump data and bio-metric information can also be added to provide detailed insights for each athlete's progress.
  • Roster Spots - Each of your unique athletes will use a single roster spot for as long as they are with your program. Roster spots do not expire and will stay as a credit on your account until you assign them all. Simply hop on here and purchase more when necessary. This is the key to the system. Without Bar-code or RFID you can assign each athlete a number, and punch in that number to check them into the drill - Numeric Entry
  • Auto-ID Kits - Effortlessly link Dashr test results to your athlete's Dashr Sprint roster spot. Each AutoID kit comes with all the hardware needed to perform one to four simultaneous drills. Each athlete will require a Roster Spot and either an RFID band or a barcode band. Additional Roster Spots, RFID bands , and barcode bands can be purchased below.
  • Wrist Bands - Dashr offers both bar-code bands and RFID bands for Auto-ID Kits. Bar-code bands are less expensive and disposable, RFID bands are reusable and assignable. Bar-code bands are great for events and combines, RFID bands are great for training and frequent testing.

What's Included


  • 4 laser modules
  • 4 reflectors
  • 8 regular tripods
  • 4 mini tripods
  • Aluminum Case (18.5x14x6.25 inches)

* This products requires an Android (API 21 or newer) or iOS (version 10.0 or newer) compatible device which is not included with this purchase. A network is not needed to utilize the Dashr system, therefore a dedicated device can be purchased elsewhere for use with the Dashr timing systems. If multiple drills are run simultaneously, each drill requires it’s own mobile device to run the Dashr app.

DASHR Pro-Agility Kit

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