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Game Ready Half Leg Boot Wrap

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Game Ready Half Leg Boot Wrap

The Game Ready® Half Leg Boot With ATX (Active Temperature Exchange) brings and then enhances the effects of cold therapy to aid in healing orthopedic injuries and post-op surgeries of the lower extremities. Half Leg Boot works with the Game Ready® Injury Treatment System to increase blood flow and deliver healing oxygen to injury sites while minimizing pain.


  • Achilles tendon rupture or tear
  • Calf muscle surgery
  • Fibula and tibia fracture surgery
  • Lateral ankle repair
  • Pain management
  • Plantar fasciitis and bone spurs
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Sprain, strains, fractures
  • Tendon surgery
  • Tibial and peroneal artery bypass
  • easy application and removal
  • Dual-chamber anatomically designed half-leg boot wrap and sleeve for use with Game Ready Control Unit.
  • Ideal for rehabilitation of Achilles tendon ruptures, calf muscle surgery, lateral ankle repair, sprains, strains, fractures and more.
  • Features ATX™ (Active Temperature Exchange) technology for consistent cooling.

    Common uses

    • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury or surgery
    • Collateral ligament injury or surgery
    • Meniscus tear or repair
    • Pain management
    • Partial knee replacement
    • Patellar tendinitis
    • Patellar tendon tear
    • Total knee replacement or total knee arthroplasty (TKR, TKA)


    Fits men’s shoe sizes 6 to 11.

    Fits women’s shoe sizes up to 13.


    Universal – either foot.

    Game Ready Half Leg Boot Wrap Installation Manual

    For detailed information on setup and other helpful tips, reference the Game Ready Half Leg Boot Wrap Installation Manual.

    Game Ready Half Leg Boot Wrap Installation Manual

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