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Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus Smart Trainer

by Garmin
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Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus Smart Trainer


Bring the outdoor world indoors with a smart bike that offers realistic road feel and simulated gradients from actual courses with the Tacx® Training smart-device app1 — plus easy customization to match your outdoor bike fit.

  • Ride your favorite courses — and feel like you’re really there — with the Tacx Training app.
  • Supersilent operation makes any room your place to train.
  • Challenge yourself with training plans that help you meet your goals.
  • Track your ride with power and performance metrics.
  • Feel the road — including the cobbles and gravel.
  • Simple adjustments make it ideal for workouts by multiple athletes in the home.

More Features

Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus Smart Trainer
  • Real Road Feel - This feature works with the Tacx Training app to make the trainer vibrate and simulate the feeling of riding on different road surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel.
  • Smoother Shifting - Tap the shifters to change gears with the precision and feel of electronic shifting. You’ll find the correct gear easily and quickly, especially when riding hard, with shifters programmable for SHIMANO, SRAM or Campagnolo.
  • Dynamic Inertia - To simulate an outdoor ride indoors, dynamic inertia maintains a sensation of forward motion based on your speed and gradient to make your ride feel more realistic.
  • Ultimate Immersion - While you ride, the gear feel mimics the sensation of your chain jumping into a different gear. When connected to an external power source, descent simulation accurately replicates a downhill drive.
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis - The NEO Bike Plus smart bike measures the position of your left and right legs to breakdown your pedaling technique and help you develop a more effective stroke.
  • Accurate & Reliable - Get an accurate picture of your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements — just like on an outdoor ride. That includes power, speed and cadence, measured accurately within 1%.
  • Ready To Sprint - The well-balanced design of NEO Bike Plus ensures maximum stability, even during the most explosive sprints, up to 2200 watts.
  • Climb Higher - Get stronger for outdoor climbs, or simply build the intensity of your indoor workout by training on realistically simulated inclines up to a 25% gradient.
  • Smooth & Silent - The combination of NEO smart technology and the internal design of NEO Bike Plus results in one of the most silent indoor bikes available.

  • Seatpost - The slim seatpost ensures comfort, even on long rides, with easy-to-adjust height settings to exactly match the outdoor bike fit of other cyclists in your household.
  • Crank Length - Choose pedals that suit your style of riding and install easily with five crank length options for a precise, customized fit.
  • Stem Lengths - Easily adjust seat position and handlebar position up to the millimeter for correct sizing and a more comfortable fit.
  • Device Compatability - Connect the NEO Bike Plus smart bike to multiple devices simultaneously, so you can enjoy the Tacx Training app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and track your performance on your Garmin bike computer at the same time.
  • Connect To Your Favorite Apps - NEO Bike Plus communicates via BLUETOOTH® Smart technology and ANT+® FE-C protocol, so it works with several popular training apps, such as TrainerRoad and Zwift.
  • Able To Stand Alone - You can opt to use the smart bike in stand-alone mode. When not connected, it will simulate a flat road; the faster you ride, the higher the resistance.
  • Stay Smart & Keep Cool - NEO Bike Plus features a 4.5” display and has USB chargers so you can power up your devices. Built-in interactive fans are automatically controlled by your power or heart rate.
  • Tacx Training App - Enjoy a library filled with 250+ high-quality, real-life videos that let you experience the rush of riding famous courses from around the world, including Europe, North America and Asia. You can even join “Ride with the Pros” challenges with exclusive Garmin sponsored team videos.
  • Tacx Training Plans - Take advantage of structured training plans, designed for your fitness level to help you meet your goals. Race live opponents, upload GPS data, ride with 3D maps and more1.
  • Dig Into Your Data - All the data you rely on is right in the Garmin Connect™ smart-device app. See maps and stats, or analyze your progress from anywhere.
Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus Smart Trainer


Dimensions 54.7" x 29.5" (1390 x 750 mm)
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Height 46.1" (1170 mm)
Wireless Communication ANT+ connectivity, BLUETOOTH wireless technology
Control By Smartphone, tablet, ANT+ bike computers, stand alone, computer connection via ANT+ antenna
Read Out On Smartphone, tablet, bike computer, computer with ANT+ antenna
Connection Indicator 3 LEDs
Power Indicator multicolor LED, spot on floor
Magnets 32 neodymium magnets
Electrical Requirement 110-240 Volts
Gear Ratio Customizable to Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo system operation. Chainring set-up: up to 3 sprockets, teeth per sprocket adjustable between 22 and 53; rear cassette: up to 12 sprockets, teeth per sprocket adjustable between 11 and 40.
Q-Factor 148 mm
Max Power 2200 W
Max Incline 25%
Simulation Of Descent
Max Torque 88 Nm
Max Brake Force 260 N
Flywheel Virtual
Mass Inertia Variable to 275.6 lbs (125 kg)
Calibration No calibration needed
Output Speed, cadence, power
Accuracy Less Than 1%
Measure Speed
Measure Cadence
Measure Power
Crank Lengths 165/167.5/170/172.5/175