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HawkGrips Scanner HG8 IASTM Instrument

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HawkGrips Scanner Myofasical Release IASTM Instrument

The HawkGrips Scanner is a versatile instrument, best for scanning and treatment. Designed with a convex treatment edge capable of treating larger surfaces areas. Precision-engineered, ergonomic instrument specifically designed to detect and treat soft tissue dysfunction in muscle, fascia, tendons and scar tissue. Composed of highly durable, surgical-grade stainless steel, a non-porous substance that resonates with tissue irregularities and prevents transfer of bacteria. Patented cross-hatch design delivers a comfortable and secure grip for clinicians, enabling greater control over the treatment and reducing strain on the clinician’s hands.


  • Quicker detection of restrictions in soft tissue
  • Quicker and easier to break up tissue densities
  • Helps reduce and heal scar tissue
  • Significant increases in range of motion
  • Treats acute and chronic conditions
  • Decreased pain for patient
  • Easier on therapists hands

HG8 – Scanner

Best for scanning and treatment. Versatile instrument capable of treating broader surface areas. Features convex treatment edge.

Case, emollient, and other accessories sold separately. Made in the USA.

HawkGrips Scanner HG8 IASTM Instrument - Recoveryforathletes


HawkGrips Scanner HG8 IASTM Instrument - Recoveryforathletes


  • Cross hatch gripping reduces strain on hands
  • Superior education and training
  • The scanner instrument is best for identifying and targeting specific muscle areas during treatment
  • The curved edge can treat a larger surface area than other small instruments
  • Instruments are non-porous, which eliminates transfer of bacteria, and they can be cleaned easily


Brand: HawkGrips

Weight: 8.0 Ounces

Material: Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

Number of Items: 1

Size: One Size


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