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InBody 380 Body Composition Analyzer

by InBody
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InBody 380

With multiple testing frequencies that deliver in-depth outputs, the InBody 380 offers portability and detailed data in the same package, for quick yet advanced analysis. Get new insights into your clients’ health with Segmental Fat Analysis, ECW/TBW — Phase Angle, and other innovative metrics

What's Included

  • InBody 380 Body Composition Analyzer (1)
  • InBody USB Drive (1)
  • $300 LookinBody Web Credit (LB Web credit expires 90 days after receipt if not used)
  • 1 Box of InBody Tissues (300)
  • 3 InBody 380 Posters
  • 1 InBody Result Sheet Interpretation Poster
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Use the Result Sheet to reveal vital insights that will help guide your consultations.

Whole Body ECW/TBW Ratio

Evaluates fluid balance better. The InBody 380’s Whole Body ECW Ratio output provides a graph of the tester’s extracellular water to total body water ratio. This is a core sign of overall health, as high levels may indicate inflammation.

ECW/TBW Phase Angle

Checks cellular wellbeing. This output charts the ratio of fluid balance to Phase Angle, a metric linked to cellular health. Track it to see if increases in extracellular water are having a negative or positive effect on cellular integrity.

Enhanced Segmental Analysis

Compares and contrasts results. See lean body mass levels in the limbs and trunk displayed in human graph or bar graph format. For your convenience, Segmental Fat Analysis is shown with this output, so you can analyze changes simultaneously.

Segmental Fat Analysis

Analyzes body fat in detail. This output provides an assessment of body fat levels in each limb and the trunk, in bar graph and human graph formats. Use it to track body fat changes alongside interventions, to ensure their efficacy.

Inbody 380 sheet


Body Composition Analysis (Weight, TBW [Total Body Water], FFM [Fat-Free Mass], ICW [Intracellular Water], ECW [Extracellular Water], DLM [Dry Lean Mass], BFM [Body Fat Mass]), Muscle Fat Analysis (Weight, SMM [Skeletal Muscle Mass], BFM), Obesity Analysis (BMI [Body Mass Index], PBF [Percent Body Fat]), Segmental Lean Analysis (Bar Graph, Human Figure Graph: [RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL]), Segmental Fat Analysis (RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), ECW/TBW Analysis, Body Composition History (Weight, SMM, PBF, ECW/TBW, FFM, InBody Score, BMR [Basal Metabolic Rate], Visceral Fat Level, BFM, BMI, FFMI [Fat-Free Mass Index], FMI [Fat Mass Index], SMI [Skeletal Muscle Index], SMM/Weight, Whole Body Phase Angle), InBody Score, Visceral Fat Level Graph, Body Fat — Fat-Free Mass Control, BMR Graph, Research Parameters (FFM, BMR, Visceral Fat Level, Arm Circumference, FFMI, FMI, SMI, SMM/Weight, Recommended Calorie Intake Per Day [Result and Manual Input]), Calorie Expenditure of Activity, Blood Pressure† (Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, Mean Arterial Pressure, Pulse Pressure, Rate Pressure Product), Sarcopenia Parameters†, QR Code, Results Interpretation QR Code, Whole Body Phase Angle, Impedance Graph.

†Blood Pressure and Sarcopenia Parameters outputs are only available when this device is used in conjunction with select InBody Blood Pressure devices and InBody Hand Dynamometer devices.

*For a complete list of outputs available, please request a product comparison chart.

*BAND Connectivity feature is not available on non-Bluetooth-enabled units.

Standard Package

Included: What you see on the page.

Printer Package

Included: Laser printer and Results Sheets.

*Depending on the unit you choose, your device may not be Bluetooth-enabled. Contact your sales rep to learn more.

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