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KOYAH Organic Acai Powder

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Organic Acai Powder

100% Acai (no citric acid) - Our organic Açaí powder starts out as Brazil grown, fresh, whole acai berries. The berries are harvested, frozen, and then dried via a cold freeze-drying process within 24 hours of being harvested. Since they are processed so quickly there is no need for preservatives such as citric acid. As a final step, they are ground to a fine powder and packaged.

  • OUR GOAL - We strive to produce the world's highest quality acai powder. Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Whole-Food. Freeze-dried to retain the cellular structure and maximum amount of nutrition in each organic acai berry.
  • TASTE - Earthy with a hint of bitterness due to the high levels of anthocyanins that are naturally occurring in acai berries. COLOR - Deep Purple
  • SIMPLE PROCESS - We start with organic acai berries from Brazil. They are Harvested > Frozen > Freeze-Dried > Powdered
  • INGREDIENTS - Organic Freeze-dried Acai Powder (nothing else)
  • EACH JAR - 50 scoops. Each scoop of powder is 3 grams.

At KOYAH, the trust of our customers is what matters most to us and we are proud to produce products, like our Organic Freeze-Dried Acai Powder, that live up to the absolute highest quality standards and ensures YOU get the most out of what you eat!

KOYAH Organic Acai Powder

Tips for evaluating the quality of an acai powder

Start with the color - An acai berry is made up of approximately 80% seed and 20% fruit. The seed is removed and the fruit portion is freeze-dried to make our powder. The fruit portion is very high in an antioxidant called anthocyanins which gives the powder its deep purple, almost black color. If the powder is lighter in color (like our competitors in the above photo), something has been added to it as a filler.

Density - Acai berries are somewhat unique in that they are very high in oil content. In fact, our powder is over 40% oil. This oil gives the powder a somewhat dense "wet" feel. If the powder is not this consistency, something has been done to remove the oil.

Taste - If you've had an acai bowl, you may think acai is a sweet tasting berry but in fact, it is quite earthy and slightly bitter. The earthy taste comes from the high oil content and the bitter taste comes from the high concentration of anthocyanins in the berry.

Other things to consider - Lastly, when evaluating the quality of a powder it is important to understand how and where the product was grown. Was it grown using Organic farming practices and is it certified USDA Organic? Was it grown in good quality soil or was it grown in highly polluted areas (such as China where heavy metals such as lead can be a major concern). Our acai berries are grown in Brazil and get processed within 24 hours of being harvested. This ensures the powder is as fresh as possible. If the berries are not processed this quickly an ingredient such as citric acid will be added to them to act as a preservative. Always check the ingredient list on your acai powders to see if a preservative has been added. Our powder is 100% pure acai.

KOYAH Organic Acai Powder


Organic Freeze Dried Acai

Storage Instructions

Store with the lid on tight, in a cool dry pantry, fridge, or freezer.

How To Use

Smoothies, Juices, Water & more

Smoothie bowls, Desserts, Baked Goods, and more